24 October 2008


I know, some of you are probably laughing at me about such a trivial thing in the cosmic order of the universe, but as you can see from my sidebar, I figured out a couple of things.

First, I got my waving flags! That was one of my big disappointments about Blogger. I couldn't have my waving flags anymore. I went a different route with it, and there they are! The other thing I learned was how to get my sidebar graphics closer together without the Grand Canyon between each one! I don't have time to do anything else with the other graphics right now, but when I do, I now know how to make this look a little better.

Now, back to the real world . . . . !


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

It is fun to try and experiment with different things. Glad you got your flags awaving :o)

lisa jo said...

MAN. I have not heard that song by Johnny Cash in 20 yrs. What a memory boaster that was! Reminds me SO much of my mom. I love him.
So glad things are coming together for you on blogger.

Solitary Dancer said...

Thank goodness for a McCain blog. I am sooooo sick of Obama


MISSY said...

L00kin g00d :) *M*