05 November 2008





Well, Americans have made their choice for "Change". I outlined more of these "changes" in my recent post, "WHAT TO EXPECT IF OBAMA IS ELECTED (clickable link)." Here are some of the "changes" that I also think can be expected:

ABORTION - States' rights to regulate it will disappear. Obama supports ninth month abortions, and voted against a bill while a State legislator to protect infants who survived abortion attempts.

FEDERAL TAKEOVER OF AMERICA'S HEALTHCARE SYSTEM - But Obama said that we would be free to get our own health insurance plans and not use the Federal healthcare system. That will last only a little while. I think eventually we will see "HillaryCare" put in place, which one of the main points of it was the fining of insurance companies for writing a health insurance policy. Getting health care under Obama's plan will be a nightmare. Just ask any Veteran what it's like trying to get care through the Veterans' Administration and the abuses in that system. Look at Medicaid and Medicare, and their bureucratic red tape overload . These are just a few examples at how INEFFICIENT the government is. ANYTHING the government gets in the middle is always turned into a huge mess. One more thing to consider - under his plan, there will be times you will actually be DENIED treatment. That's right - if you are a senior citizen for example, suffering from a particular ailment, and a young person has the same disease, the young person will be treated FIRST. Sounds like genocide, doesn't it? But that's the way socialized medicine works - it's a giant triage. Many people die needlessly under such a system while waiting for treatment that would not have died had they received treatment timely.

TAXES - I think there will be a huge increase here. In order to fund his healthcare plan alone will cost you and I hundreds of trillions of dollars - yes, folks, that's TRILLIONS with all those zeros behind it. Taxes will go much higher to pay for all of Obama's other massive spending. Under the Clinton administration, Federal income taxes were about forty percent. I think under Obama, it will be much higher than this due to spending much more than former President Clinton did. That means a much SMALLER paycheck. Don't fall for Obama's hype that he would only tax the "rich". During the last two weeks of his campaign, he and Senator Biden kept quietly lowering the income threshold for tax increases. Last I heard it was down to $150,000/year. Former President Clinton said he would only increase taxes on the rich, and we all found out that we were all "rich". Folks, I simply can't afford this, but then again, Obama thinks that since I'm a middle class average working man, I am incapable of making a good income.

ECONOMY - Look for the economy to eventually completely tank. With the massive spending Obama wants to implement, and the taxes he wants to impose on private enterprise, the economy will suffer. We have already seen an example of this under the Carter administration. We ended up with a nearly fifteen percent annual inflation rate, and people considered themselves lucky to get a home loan for as low as FOURTEEN PERCENT! The Carter administration also imposed the windfall profits tax on the oil companies in 1980. Result? Higher gas prices. Companies don't pay taxes - you and I do in the form of higher prices.

ISRAEL - This is vitally important since how we treat Israel directly affects us (Genesis 12:1-3 - ". . . I will bless them that bless thee and curse him that curseth thee"). We have already suffered severe consequences for selling out Israel many times already. I received an article from ARUTZ SHEVA yesterday, the Israel News Service, titled OBAMA TELLS ABBAS, I SUPPORT DIVIDING JERUSALEM (click title to read the entire article). Here are the first two paragraphs:

"(IsraelNN.com) Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama privately expressed his support for a new Arab state within Israel's current borders, including eastern Jerusalem, during his meeting with Palestinian Authority Chairman and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah this summer.

According to a report published Tuesday in the Lebanese newspaper al-Ahbar, Obama told Abbas that he supports a PA state, and Arab "rights to east Jerusalem" as well. The sources said Abbas and PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad "heard the best things they ever heard from an American president" during the meeting. However, said sources quoted in the report, the candidate asked them to keep his declaration a secret."

A secret? And of course, you will not see this reported in the American leftist mainstream media.

WAR ON TERROR - Obama said in his campaign over and over again he would withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan. If he follows through with this, watch for the casualties to rise before all the troops leave. Also watch for the Iraqi government and the Afghan government to be overthrown by an anything but democratic regime. Terrorists would move right back in. More history repeating itself - like Vietnam, we would leave in disgrace, all because of the public believing the outright lies of the mainstream media - then and now. This would also open us up for another terrorist attack here. The terrorist organizations have no doubt been listening to Obama and know that he is very naive when it concerns foreign policy. Thus, they can hit us here as many times as they want to, and we will do nothing. Oh, wait, we would do something. Just like our responses in the 1970's and 1980's, we would probably file a formal protest with the United Nations. That'll sure have the terrorists quaking in their boots!

We have a very rough road ahead of us for at least the next four years. I believe through the Obama presidency, the United States will slip even further towards a place of non-importance on the world stage. A study of end-time prophecy in the book of Revelation reveals the United States is either barely mentioned or not at all. Most theologians agree on "not at all." Whether you believe the Bible or not, I think we are in for some very hard times that we haven't seen in some years. Thank God for term limits. But then, according to our President-elect, I'm just a bitter American clinging to my guns and religion, and not capable of earning anything more than a meager income.



Gerry said...

I hope things don't get this bad on so many fronts, but I think that we are just starting into some very hard times with businesses closing and lost jobs because of it. Have just been reading a book by someone who was there about how Cuba was communized with the help of the leftists in the United States. I remember so clearly when all that was happening. I do not think Obama is another Castro, but I do wonder if he will be as hard line about other things as he has been about legalized abortion. That is what alarmed me. I can certainly understand your pessimism however. Gerry

Amanda said...

I think you are right on about all these issues...and the one that concerns me most is Isreal. We (the US) have already removed ourselves form the Lords protection by our treatment of Isreal and selling the Gaza Strip (forgive my spelling) and we know that the only TRUE reprocussions we have are those from God Himself.

Obama is not a good man and I fear will not be a good president, as I dont really think he has any idea what he has gotten himself into.

But we cannot FEAR anything!

We must pray for him and all our leaders.

Good post Dirk!

God bless-

Heli gunner Tom said...

I agree with the possibility of most of what you posted, built on Mr. O's track record, but also nasty Dems like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid who are pushing hard for every demonic bill that takes away our Freedoms and liberty.

The way I see things with the bible as my main guild and compass--who ever moves a hand against Israel or her land is putting his finger in God's eye! And God HATES innocent blood shed --like those who support abortions, but also homo/ same sex marriages. True Christians must stay close to God in case wants to sweep all the wicked away-- don't even be standing NEAR them!

Tom Schuckman

MISSY said...

I agree with a lot that you said but I didn't have any hope in any of the candidates anyway. *M*


Carolyn said...

Dirk,I so value your thoughts, and this is such a true one from you my brother and friend. We are in for very hard times, but I do beleive that Jesus is coming so so soon! I've just written my own thoughts on this election and where we are, not only as a nation, but in History. God Bless you so much! I love you and Ne! Carolyn

Solitary Dancer said...

Right on target!!!!!!!!!!

The next four years are going to change this country and I honestly believe we will slip out of our role of world super power.


Meg said...

Obama is only one man, and God is on the throne. I won't waste time worrying when I can be praying. The only real peace in this world is in Him.
God hasn't turned His back on His children. He knows we are still here, and he will be here for us no matter how bad it gets. It could be that God knows what will bring this country to her knees, and in the end, He is more concerned with our eternal souls than our comfortable ecomony. Being the prophet of doom won't help matters...prayer, on the other hand, will.

MandyMom.com said...

It is a little scary... so I remind myself I cannot focus on these things- instead I have to focus on God and what he has planned- and everything is lining up as the bible says it will, for the end times.

So, my job is to do God's will, to minister to others and to reach out with love.

Dawgman said...

All that you have mentioned is very possible, but I think Obama will have to govern from the middle of the road, at least at first; I just don't see him as going that far to the left, early-on. Congress is another manner, with Pelosi the Dictator & Co. in charge. That's who I'll be most wary of. The good news is that if they overreach (and I don't think they can help themselves), they risk a backlash that might restore GOP control in 2012. Let's hope for the best. Larry