22 November 2008



Robyn, MY CREATIVE CORNER AND THINGS, chose me among others for this award. Check out her journal. It's a really good read. It's hard to just choose a few as there are so many great journals. Here are my choices. The titles are clickable links, so stop by each one:

HELI-GUNNER TOM is by a Vietnam War veteran, Thomas Schuckman, who was a helicopter door gunner. He journals on a variety of topics and issues including veterans' issues. Some of the things he posts are things will surprise you that aren't deemed "newsworthy" in the press. One of the things that you'll come away with is how our freedom fighters continue to sacrifice long after their combat days are over.

NO APOLOGIES ROUND 2 by Carolyn - An excellent journal that includes Bible studies on various subjects and issues and news from a Biblical perspective and how it ties in with end-time prophecy. Carolyn puts a lot of study into her posts and it shows.

SCREAM QUIETLY by Indigo - She's an excellent writer and very deep, but not surprising since Indigo is a deep person. You may have to go back and read some of her posts a second time to get the meaning.

LARRY "DAWG" WAYLAND has a couple of journals (click on his name to go to his profile and a list of his journals). One is his life as an over-the-road truck driver, and the other is a political journal. Both are very good reads.

DAUGHTERS OF THE SHADOWMEN by Gerri - Another excellent and gifted writer. She includes videos frequently that can be quite entertaining too! I can't begin to adequately describe her journal here, so you'll just have to check it out!

NUTWOOD JUNCTION by Beth - another really good journal. There's an interesting history where she lives hence the name of her journal. She posts about a variety of topics and some events in her personal life too. It's always interesting, insightful, and sometimes humorous.

BUCKO'S WORLD by Ken, who is Beth's husband. He, too, journals about a variety of things. You will see that Ken and Beth are a delightful couple, and the great relationship they have with each other.

ALLISON'S CORNER OF THOUGHTS AND FUN is exactly what the title says. If you want an uplifting and just plain fun journal, visit Allison. I know you'll enjoy it.

LIFE ON A BISON FARM by Lisa - yes, she really DOES live on a Bison farm, which is beautiful! Very interesting journal with great photographs and videos.

WATER RUNS THROUGH ME by Angie. A really good all-around journal and recently some photos of quilts and quilt tops. Angie's starting quilting again, but that's not all she posts about. Check her out.

And I know I'm breaking the "rules" a little (actually already have, so might as well go all the way, right?), but I had to include a one more that you'll know if you were on AOL Journals any length of time. He has always been a highly respected member of "J-Land" and here too. He is Guido, and has a number of journals. Click HERE to go to his profile and a listing of his journals. He posts about a number of things, and has fantastic photographs of his area in the United Kingdom.

I almost didn't pick anyone because I really hate to leave anyone out. There are many great journals out there and the limit is ten. Just because other journals are not on the list doesn't mean I don't think there are other great journals too. I urge everyone to check out the other journals on my list on my sidebar. There are some really great reads there too.

Thank you again for choosing me, Robyn! It's quite an honor!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Dirk, thanks for the kind words and the award.

Allison said...

Tnanks for thinking about me and giving me a shout out. My blog pales by comparrison with some of these other blogs, they are so much more thought provoking, but I am grateful nonetheless that you chose to include me. Have a happy hump day Tuesday. : )

Carolyn said...

Thank you Dirk for thinking of me too! I'm not surprised that you got an award! I love Tom's blog, even though I haven't left many comments lately on anyones- me bad! I will have to check out the others that you nominated, and you will have to show me how to get the graphic up, as I haven't had much time to play around getting any on mine except on the posts. Thank you Dirk! God Bless! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving to you, Nelishia and Katie!!

ADB said...

Dirk, I really appreciate your award - I haven't forwarded it when someone else gave it to me, and will not do so either now. Best wishes,

Beth said...

Thank you, Dirk, for your kind words, especially those about me and Ken as a couple. That means a lot. :)

Hugs, Beth

MISSY said...

Congrats on the award and great picks as well. *M*


Water Runs Through My Soul said...

Thank you Dirk!!! wow, you may have finally given me the push to work a bit harder here at blogspot! thank you again!