16 December 2008


I received a newsfeed from ARUTZ SHEVA, the Israel National News Service the other day that stated that Iran now has triple the missiles it had at the beginning of 2008.Photobucket

The article, entitled IRAN: LONG RANGE ARSENAL TRIPLED, by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz published December 9, 2008, made this report based on a story on Israel Television Channel 10. At the beginning of 2008, Iran had about thirty Shihab-3 missiles, and that number currently stands at over 100. These missiles are capable of hitting targets in Israel with either conventional or nuclear warheads. There are two types of Shihab missiles. The Shihab-3 has a range of between 800 and over 1,200 miles. Iran also has Shihab-4 missiles with a range of over 1,200 miles. This places targets in southeastern Europe and all of Israel within Iran's range for attack.

In November 2008, Iran developed what it called the Sajiil missile, which Iran described as a high-speed, high-capacity missile with improved accuracy. It has a range of up to 1,200 miles. Iran also has short-range missiles, the Fateh, that only have a range of about 100 miles.

And Iran's missile program is brought to you by: RUSSIA. North Korea is helping with funding, but Iran's missile arsenal is mostly Russian.

Meanwhile, Iran is rocking right along with its nuclear program. Iranian President Man-I-Need-A-Job has said that Israel will soon be wiped off the map.

So here's our plan: instead of helping Israel attack Iran and stop their nuclear program right now while they can be engaged conventionally, we will wait until (a) President-Elect Obama pulls our troops out of Iran's next-door neighbor, Iraq; (b) Iran becomes a nuclear power and arms its missiles with nuclear warheads; (c) Iran either follows through with its promise to attempt to rid the world of Zionism starting with Israel and begins firing missiles into Israel or (d) Israel conducts a pre-emptive strike on Iran sending many of their fighter pilots on one-way tickets to defend their homeland since we have refused all aid including in-air refueling of their fighters and even the ability to fly over Iraq. Isn't this kind of "planning" so typical of Washington? The results this time will sadly be disastrous and tragic.


Liz in Virginia said...

Very interesting! Our country is so screwed. God help us!
Have a nice day Dirk.

natalie said...

hey Dirk
Happy Holidays !
hey you're way ahead of me on this
And all
is it cold where you are?
will you have family in?

Georgia Mountain Man said...

At this point I'm not sure we know what Iran really has in its missile arsenal. That fake test firing film that they released makes me a bit suspicious of their actual capabilities. I wouldn't be real concerned about what a TV station reports unless it cites intelligence information. As far as a pre-emptive strike is concerned. If Israel wants to do it, fine. We don't need to be taking part. We have enough troubles in that part of the world and our military cannot support another war or another major uprising in Iraq. Certainly not if we want to try to get Bin Laden in Afghanistan. In fact we need to curtail the billions in aid that we send Israel now. They bite our hands too often and start wars that they expect us to support with our aid, spy on us, and attack our ship, all without apology.

Heli gunner Tom said...

I have been reading Jan Markel's great web site about what we can expect in 2009...Ha! The world is up side down, and it seems so surreal that we are just letting Iran work their evil! But remember, "WE" [collectively] elected Mr. O..lol. And now "WE" shall reap the whirl wind.

Dirk, I have not heard from you lately. I KNOW that you will be super busy-- until the day you die...
Merry Christmas !

Tom S

Carolyn said...

Hi Dirk- this is not surprising to me in the least. I know America is going down, as we are in the end times, so I see Israel having to do this on their own. It's not good that we'd leave them, as we've failed Israel so much as of the last few decades with all the so called peace deals. I see Israel striking either Iran or Syria in the next little while. God Bless and keep it coming Dirk. It's nice to have some truth among the craziness.

MISSY said...

It's very typical of us.

A very scary thought but none of it is a suprise. *M*

MISSY said...

I hope you have great Christmas! *M*