29 March 2009


As unbelievable as it sounds, ACORN, has been allowed to sign on as a national partner with the U. S. Census Bureau to assist in recruiting the 1.4 million temporary workers that are needed to conduct the census next year. According to a Fox News REPORT of March 18, 2009, ACORN signed on in February 2009. Representative Lynn Westmoreland, R-GA, who is on the subcommittee for the U. S. Census expressed concerns wanting "enumeration", not "false numbers".

In 2007, felony charges were filed against several paid employees and supervisors of ACORN for more than 1,700 fraudulent voter registrations in Washington State according to the same Fox News report. In March 2008, an ACORN worker was convicted of making twenty-nine fraudulent voter registration forms.

The WASHINGTON TIMES reported that agents of the Nevada Secretary of State and Attorney General raided the Nevada ACORN office on October 7, 2008. ACORN had reportedly hired fifty-nine convicted felons as canvassers through a work-release program and submitted almost 300 fraudulent voter registration cards as part of the registration campaign. "The submitted voter cards included addresses and names that do not exist in Nevada, duplicate registrations, names culled from telephone books, and names of Dallas Cowboys players, an investigator for the Secretary of State alleged in his affidavit for a search warrant." The investigator also spoke with an ACORN ex-employee who said she made up names for her forms when it was too hot to work outside.

Now, with its history of voter fraud, ACORN wants to be involved in the census??? What difference this could make? The purpose of the Census is not just to find out how many people live in the United States. It's used to determine how taxpayers' money is to be distributed through grants and appropriations, and it's also used to determine how the 435 seats in the House of Representatives are distributed. This could have serious implications in national elections.
There is a need for legislation preventing any organization with a history of fraud to be affiliated in any way with the Census. Contact your Representatives and Senators. They are just a mouse click away.


Heli gunner Tom said...

I still think that 52% of the dumb-ed down people in the USA are so stupid to have voted for obama that it's mind boggling! I am stuck on earth because the Lord still has some purpose for me, but as Paul said, 'He would rather go home to heaven.' ACORN just plain stinks-- and I compare it to 'planet of the apes' movie where all logic is turned up side down. The world is doing a slow burn tail spin, and fast.
Jesus is the Answer.

Tom S

RIVER Organization Christian Church said...

Hey Dirk, great post as usual.

On 7 October 2008 I wrote an entry "ACORN RAIDED" 15 minutes after the raid began and told my inside experiences of what I learned about the brownshirt organization.


Three non-profit organizations I mention in the article were all pushing for Obama. The focus was on ACORD but Obama had a lot of illegal help from other voter reg. organizations pushing voters to register and vote for Obama, too. It is illegal. They encouraged people to vote for Obama, all three of them, and they wore Obama hats and t-shirts and buttons and then went around knocking on doors afterwards to remind people to vote for Obama. Not to vote, but to vote for Obama!

It appears ACORD is not a 501 c 3 and escapes the IRS Code, the others don't. BUT IT IS AGAINST THE ELECTION LAW for voter registrants to push for a particular politician. As far as I'm concerned Obama obtained the Presidency illegally.

You are correct these brownshirts ought not to be involved in census, but they are the F├╝hrer's SS Stormtroopers who helped him into power, now they reap their reward.