27 July 2009


The other day, my wife and I enrolled our granddaughter, Kate, in kindergarten. Now what I'm about to tell you is old news as this has been going on for at least a couple of decades. But, what I'm about to tell you is so subtle that most people don't even realize what is going on.
When we enrolled her, we were given a list of things she would need. I won't go into the specifics of the list here, but suffice it to say that some of the items were for Katie's use. There were other things, though, that were not for her use exclusively. Such as about two dozen pencils. When I was in school, that would have lasted me about two years. Not so now. We have to supply this many pencils to be placed in "the pot" and . . . here we go . . . REDISTRIBUTED to all of the students. Redistribution is basic socialism. There are other items that are set to be "redistributed" to all the students too.
Oh, and, let's not forget our "payment" to the government. We have to supply dry erase markers . . . not for Katie, not for students, but for THE TEACHER! That's right - we have to buy some of the teacher's supplies too.
This is another place I really draw the line. I've paid Special Local Option Sales Taxes for years supporting the school system. I've listened to the extortion by the local school system threatening voters with increased property taxes even more if the SPLOST is voted down. I have paid property taxes to support the school system for years. The school system receives State and Federal funds. The students are told their school is "poor" to get them to sell door-to-door to raise funds for their school. My question: just where is all this money going?
See how very subtle this is? It gets people used to the idea almost from the crib. Is it any wonder that only 53% of Americans favor capitalism over socialism? Is it really surprising this has surfaced in our public school system? Not really. The tenth "plank" of THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO is and I quote: "Free education for all children in public schools."


Heli gunner Tom said...

All Soldiers know that Freedom isn't Free!

Tom S

Jimmy's Journal said...

It doesn't really surprise me. When America elected "the chosen one" it was just another step. Until Americans stand on their own two feet and have to fend for themselves, it will continue.

Collecting government freebees is something that should not be passed down from generation to geberation.


Julie said...

I ask every year where my school taxes are being spent. Why am I paying and paying and paying for it when I don't have children even. At work they take collections for schools supplies, every grocery store has collection sites. There should be enough school supplies now to supply the world. Where is it going. And they are on the government dole with hefty checks being given to them each year. Oh yes, it starts with the young.

Georgia Mountain Man said...

How in the world did you manage to equate taking pencils to school with socialism? If you were sending your kid to a private school, you would be paying a lot more per year than your school taxes and pencils cost, and you would still be saddled with the fund raising. With all of the budget cuts and furloughs, it is amazing that the schools are still operating. I wouldn't worry about a few pencils.

Dirk said...

Simple. Pencils are not the issue. The idea of buying supplies for other than our own child is. This is very basic socialism: everything goes into one big pot, and then is given out to others rather than everyone paying for their own. This same principle has been the trend for decades in Washington. Put our tax money into the government, then the government hands it out in the form of entitlements.

School systems, like other government agencies, formulate their budgets every year with the idea of getting more money next year instead of doing like us as individuals, and living within their means. Education always has its hand out for the handouts, whether from Washington or us, and it has gotten us ranked 18th out of 24 in the world, and in Georgia we stay around 48th-51st in the nation.

Julie also made an excellent comment. I wonder where it all goes too.

Lisa said...

Each year when my school tax bill arrives I write my letters. They do no good but I feel better. I support the school system yet I have no children. I am not allowed to set foot on the property and use the high tech facilities they offer even though I've paid for them. It's ridiculous.

I would not buy the 2 dozen pencils. That is outrageous and even more so is the fact that they are to supply the teacher with items!!!! Wow - what the heck.

The Last American said...

I suggest having your grandchild "lose" a couple of pencils each week, pick the ones she brought out of the communal pot, and smuggle the ones she "lost" home.