06 July 2009


This past Independence Day marked another national tax-and-spend protest. There were rallies in all fifty states in every major city and most medium-sized cities. Tea party organizers estimate the overall attendance at 200,000+. The liberal left this time is busy downplaying it and even say the movement is "losing steam." Even if you believe that, there is no one organization that could pull off having so many rallies across the nation in every single state. You have to consider that literally 99.99% of the American population isn't going to participate, and this one was in the middle of vacation season. It was still quite a showing and Washington better take notice. They can all still be voted out, and Congressional elections are coming. We must be getting their attention, because in Atlanta, the Tea Party got closed down. Like one person said, the fact they even bothered to shut it down means we ARE getting their attention, and are getting worried. Good. Just wait 'til September 12th. And speaking of getting the left's attention, watch this video below on how the Atlanta Tea Party was cancelled at the last moment by the owner of a vacant Macy's building in Gwinnett County. The owner, I'm sure by sheer coincidence, is a major fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee, an Obama supporter, and his wife was on the inaugural committee.

Interesting. If these protests are such small-scale events that represent just a fraction of the American population and are of no real consequence as the liberal media would have you to believe, then why the opposition and concern?

Here's a report by RUSSIA TODAY. That's right, Russia as in Moscow. They of course sent a reporter from their U.S. Bureau, but Russia Today had a different opinion on the strength of the Tea Party movement, and I think it's very interesting that they felt it was big enough to merit their attention.

Congress, you better sit up and take notice. We're past fed up with you. We were opposed to the Bush administration's running up a massive debt, and we're more than fed up with more debt and spending in 100 days of this administration than the entire eight years of the Bush administration. We're past fed up with the inevitable tax increases and major rise in energy costs with the Cap and Trade bill. We're past fed up with you running roughshod over us.
Congressional elections are coming up. I am watching how you vote.
The best thing that could happen is to vote them all out. If we started voting out the Congressional incumbents, just maybe that would get Obama's attention. If not, we can certainly take care of him too in less than 1300 days! We voted you in, we can vote you out.



Heli gunner Tom said...

Will Obama be the "last U.S.President" before the Lord returns?

Tom Schuckman [Tom's Journal]
Vietnam Vet: 68-70.

Carolyn said...

Great post Dirk! I think that pretending to ignore us is a sure sign they know how many people are disgusted with all of Washington and the obama news channels! Thye try to cover the more important things like the michael jackson funeral circus- and the fake news of the co called coup down in Honduras. Makes me cringe every time I happen to see or hear any of the talking heads on the lame stream, because most of what they report is exact opposite of what is real! God Bless!

Lisa said...

I sure do like that last photo.... and the saying on it... we voted you in and we can vote you out..! That's a good one!
Lisa in Kentucky

Lisa said...

I saw the interview on Glenn Becks show about the tea party location being shot down. If it wasn't ruffling any feathers there wouldn't be any need to downplay it. It surely will be interesting to see what happens in the elections.