29 January 2010


It's been awhile since I've posted any poll numbers, so here's a few. This is from RASMUSSEN.

First, here are the polls from upcoming Congressional mid-term elections:

In Wisconsin, former Republican Governor Tommy Thompson is ahead in the polls over incumbent Democratic Senator Russ Feingold, 47% to 43%. And Thompson has not even entered the race!

In Iowa, Republican SENATOR CHARLES GRASSLEY leads former Iowa House member Bob Krause 56% to 30%, 59% to 31% over former U. S. Attorney Roxanne Conlon, and 61% to 25% over State Senator Tom Fiegen.

In Nevada, Chairwoman of the Nevada Republican Party Sue Lowden leads incumbent Senator Harry Reid by a margin of 50% to 40%. Former UNLV basketball player Danny Tarkanian leads Reid 50% to 43%.

In additional to the national races, Rasmussen polls show Democratic incumbent governors and Democratic state legislators are also running behind Republican challengers.

If I'm going to bore your with statistics, you know I HAVE to include the President's approval ratings. As of January 29, 2010, 25% of voters nationally strongly approve of the job Obama is doing as President. On the other hand, 42% of voters strongly disapprove. This gives President Obama an approval index of -17% which Rasmussen calculates by subtracting the percentage of those who strongly disapprove from the percentage of those who strongly approve. This is down two percentage points from just a couple of days ago.

So, I think the Democrats might just possibly be in a little trouble, as in a serious meltdown. Massachusetts was the warning shot. To the Democrats, it sounded like an atom bomb.
Liberal Democrats, hear that rumble? See the dust cloud on the horizon? That's us, the angry American voters, coming to a voting booth near you, November 2010.


Carolyn said...

Hi Dirk- I NEVER thought I'd ever get to say this, but even my mother in law (whom I love dearly!) is starting to feel sorry she voted for obama and dems! Maybe it's the fact that her son (my husband Michael) has been out of work since last January, and her other son (my brother in law Tim) is also out of work at the moment. What I find incredible though, is that they were able to scrape up nearly 30% who actually think Dear Leader is doing a good job! They must have been polling the obama administration :-)
God Bless. I've missed you and Ne. Sorry I haven't commented much- I have been reading though! :-)

怎麼會這樣 said...

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Gerry said...

I think Harry Reid needs to be gone. I am glad to hear two candidates are running against him and doing better than he is. Have been responding to the Stopabortionfundingmandate website and been disgusted with his claim to be pro life but without the actions to follow it up. Obama's brilliance is compromised by his stand on this issue as was Bill Clinton's in my opinion. The Democratic party was shanghaied by liberals who embraced pro choice. I heard a comment tonight by some democrat accusing the republicans of acting like the health care plan is a 'bolshevik' plot. Well, it is when China and Russia were the architects of philosophy that any nation that expects to survive must kill millions of the unborn every year that liberals have so lovingly embraced. So good news in this entry.

Heli gunner Tom said...

Your post warmed my heart! But you know, obmama wouldn't be trying to"play nice" to the conservatives now if the Senate-elect Brown had not won in MA.... LOL! I love every second of this reversal! Payback from the arrogant Dims, YES!

Tom S

Lisa said...

I am waiting with bated breath to find out what happens to Arlen Specter since he jumped ship and became a dem. From what our local news says he doesn't stand a chance but we'll see.

Interesting numbers Dirk.

turnsc said...

Sue Lowden is the former Chairman of the Nevada Republican Party. Otherwise, good stuff.