26 May 2010


It just never stops with this administration. First, it was the United Nations Human Rights Council (formerly Human Rights Commission). That title couldn't be farther from the truth. Just take a look at the nations that are part of it. Nations with some of the worst human rights records on Earth: Cuba, China, Pakistan, Nigeria, and Iran (Women's Rights Committee). Yeah, Iran. They're all about women's rights for sure. The whole world certainly knows about that one. Within the first year of its inception, there were forty condemnations issued against various countries for alleged human rights abuses by the Human Rights Council. Thirty-three of them have been against Israel. Click HERE for an article by Joel Brinkley of the Global Post for more information.

Now, President Obama has announced that the United States will be joining still another anti-Israel organization, the ALLIANCE OF CIVILIZATIONS. In an opinion ARTICLE on Fox News, eighteen of the representatives throws the organization very much towards the Islamic nations. When formed in 2005, the representatives were from nations such as Egypt, Qatar, Tunisia, Morocco, Pakistan, and the former president of Iran. The U.S. had two representatives on the panel, but none from Israel. Membership has since grown considerably. Click HERE to see the list. You will quickly see some of the biggest human rights violators and pro-Muslim countries in the world on this list including Sudan where people are being slaughtered by the government for being Christians who refuse to convert to Islam. It sure doesn't sound much like the UNAOC's MISSION STATEMENT at all.

"The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) is an initiative of the UN Secretary-General which aims to improve understanding and cooperative relations among nations and peoples across cultures and religions, and to help counter the forces that fuel polarization and extremism."

Only a basic understanding of Islam is needed to know that the Islamic countries are not the least bit interested in "cooperative relations among nations and peoples across cultures and religions." Here is some INFORMATION from THE RELIGION OF PEACE website about Islamic beliefs concerning non-Muslims. Sudan is one of the most active examples of this in practice today.

US Joins Pro-Muslim 'Alliance of Civilizations'

by Hana Levi Julian
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The Obama administration has announced the United States will join the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, another openly anti-Israel organization.

The group was created in 2006 to find ways to bridge the growing divide between Muslim and Western societies – a goal wholeheartedly embraced by President Barack Obama, who has redirected American foreign policy in pursuit of the same goal.

The U.S. decision is also meant to support the Alliance goal of “improved understanding and cooperative relations among nations and peoples,” the statement said.The White House announcement stated that the move is intended to realize Obama's “vision of active U.S. engagement with other nations and international organizations,” a goal sometimes pursued, noted National Review Online columnist Brett D. Schaefer last Thursday, “even when there is little or no chance that doing so will advance U.S. interests.”

However, the Alliance has been anything but cooperative when it comes to improving understanding of issues relating to the security of Israel's and United States' civilians.

The group claimed in its first report in 2006 that global tensions were driven primarily by the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. The same report referred to “a perception among Muslim societies of unjust aggression stemming from the West” in a discussion relating to the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States by the international Al Qaeda terrorist group.

US Feared it Would be Anti-Israel - in 2006
At the time, the U.S. boycotted the group, expressing concerns that it would become a forum for bashing both Israel and the United States, in a manner similar to that of the U.N. Human Rights Council.

However, Obama administration officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said those concerns have since been addressed.

Since Obama took office a year ago, he has worked hard to reach out to the Islamic community of nations in a series of gestures that make it clear he is bending over backwards to strengthen ties with the Muslim world.

Since his speech from Cairo last June, Obama has reached out to Iran and Syria, restoring full diplomatic relations with Damascus and returning an ambassador to the Syrian capital. The U.S. has also joined the anti-Israel U.N. Human Rights Commission. Both these moves are reversals of prior Bush administration decisions. (IsraelNationalNews.com)

This isn't surprising coming from an overtly anti-Israel administration, from President Obama's poor treatment of Benjamin Netanyahu to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's reversal of her position concerning Jerusalem (she now supports a divided Jerusalem when she supposedly was against it in the past).

There is too much pandering to terrorist nations and organizations by this administration. Terrorists do not negotiate and see those who do as weak. Becoming a part of such organizations only serves to further weaken America's position with its allies and the world.


Heli gunner Tom said...

Sorry Dirk,
I hope I don't come off as being arrogant or boastful, but I actually EXPECT things like this to happen-- and get much worse! ONLY God can heal and set straight what is twisted and perverted -- or else, destroy them. Book of Peter says that God will use fire the next time.

Tom Schuckman
Jesus is my Lord and Savior.

Carolyn said...

Dirk, I am glad you are posting all of this and working hard to dig through all the crap to get the truth. I agree with Tom on this- in although it makes me sick, I don't get surprised at all anymore. It's just pitiful. I pray these people will see the truth- but I really don't think they care about the Truth. Only power. God bless and thank you Dirk

Anonymous said...

A good medicine tastes bitter. .............................................