14 May 2010


This is a photo taken at one of the anti immigration enforcement protests I think in Arizona. The sign speaks for itself.

Talk about an entitlement mentality. This is worse than the thinking of the majority of our society today.

I have news for those folks. Nobody owes you anything. Nothing. You work for what you get. That system worked very well for generations before the government handouts started.

But, the thing is, illegal immigrants already get a lot of this stuff. The principle doesn't change. It's not owed. It's all being paid for with stolen money. The money that pays for it is forcibly stolen from hard working legal Americans whether they were born here or immigrated legally here.

Be sure to not miss the threat to Arizona police officers also made on this sign. If I had been an Arizona police officer and saw that, this individual would have been under arrest for Terroristic Threats. But I guess that's racism and Nazism too.


Jimmy's Journal said...

I agree one hundred percent!


ADB said...

I trust the person holding the banner threatening to shoot policemen has been apprehended and charged.