30 June 2010


Here is a video of one of Congress's finest at his best, at least when asked about his stand on an issue.

As you can see, Representative Etheridge went totally off his nut when one of us "commoners" dared ask him a question. I don't recall seeing anywhere in the Constitution or Federal law that requires us to show an elected official any identification to ask them a question. This is a classic example of the Democrats' elitist attitude towards those for whom they work.

My response to Representative Etheridge, D-NC, is this: Just who are YOU to question on of US when WE want to know how you stand on a particular issue? Here's a high school civics lesson for you Mr. Etheridge: WE THE PEOPLE vote and elect you. You represent US and carry out the WILL OF THE PEOPLE. Therefore, WE are YOUR boss, NOT the other way around.

This one incident is enough to vote him out. Voters in Etheridge's district in North Carolina, which is the Second District, vote him out. In case you don't know if you are in Etheridge's district or not, the Second Congressional District includes all or part of Chatham, Cumberland, Franklin, Harnett, Johnston, Lee, Nash, Sampson, Vance, and Wake Counties.

Someone with this attitude and reacting with violence to someone asking him a simple question (in this case, college students doing a class project), is certainly not level-headed enough to carry out this country's business, especially matters of national security. Again, North Carolina voters, get this man out of office. There is absolutely no justification or excuse for this kind of behavior for any elected official from dog catcher up to Washington. Mr. Etheridge is too hot-headed to be entrusted with a Congressional seat. North Carolina voters should fire him.

Oh by the way voters, what was the question? Mr. Etheridge was asked if he fully supported the Obama agenda. Guess he doesn't want you to know, but his reaction is your answer.

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