30 July 2010


I'm sure over the past months you have heard the leftists trying to discredit the Tea Party movement. Since there is no one national leader to attack or lie about, and they have not been able to produce any facts at all that would discredit the Tea Party movement, then they always come to the last page in their playbook: allege racism. Whenever you hear racist accusations leveled against an individual or organization by the left, that always means their previous attacks have been exposed and they have nothing else to say other than to play the old race card. The very old race card.

It seems that the left-wing extremist organization THINK PROGRESS has been caught using brief video clips edited together to try to prove the Tea Party movement is racist. One of the clips, a man who says he is proud to be racist, was in reality not affiliated with the Tea Party and said so as he was being repeatedly asked to leave. Other clips were from non-Tea Party events and gatherings. Here is Think Progress's version:

This was Think Progress's second version. The FIRST VERSION, which ran 53 seconds, had two clips of a man yelling, "Go home wetbacks" . . . until it was exposed as having been from a video recorded in 2006 at a Florida protest against illegal immigrants, well before the existence of the Tea Party. That video is now blocked from public viewing. The "new and improved" version is still on Think Progress's website HERE with this Update statement: "One of the clips in the video had footage from a 2006 anti-immigration event, not a Tea Party rally. We regret the error and have posted an updated video."

Non-Tea Party leftists attempting to infiltrate a Tea Party Express rally in Boston, April 2010.

Here's "Nazi-man" at another Tea Party rally.

Here's the "rest of the story", with this man admitting he is not part of the Tea Party and is repeatedly being asked to leave due to the swastika emblem on his shirt. Speaking of his shirt: notice the creases and wrinkles seem to indicate that it's right out of the box. Progressive plant? Quite possibly. Infiltration of this particular Tea Party rally was planned by Crash the Tea Party. Click HERE for details.

Think Progress has said nothing about the misleading use of the "Nazi-man" clip on their video.

Another man, quoted as saying that Obama was "too black to be president", was taken out of context. Again, Think Progress did not dare include the man's entire statement. Note that he is married to a black woman. Here is what he said in its entirety:

"Barack Obama's just a bad guy. That's all I can say. He's . . . he's too black to be president. And you look at the color of my wife, it's not the color of his skin that troubles me, it's not the blackness of his skin that troubles me. It's the blackness inside . . . his heart. He's a bad guy." Think Progress failed to edit out this man's biracial son beside him. A far cry from how he is portrayed in the Think Progress video. Attempting to use this man and making him look like a racist is another shining example of how low the left will go in its attacks.

Then there's the man who screams, "Afro-Leninism! Coming to you on a silver platter, Barack Hussein Obama!" I haven't been able to find out what this man meant by "Afro-Leninism". I saw an idea put forth that it was possibly referring to Obama's 20-year attendance and membership of a church that teaches a racist Marxist liberation theology. Or it could be a reference to Obama made by radio talk show host MICHAEL SAVAGE in 2008 as an "Afro-Leninist." If neither of these was it, then I don't know. I doubt Think Progress knows either. This is the closest Think Progress could come to a legitimate complaint of racism here.

Needless to say, this casts very serious doubt on the accuracy of the couple of clips not covered here. If Think Progress will knowingly lie about this much of this video, then what would stop them from the rest of it being a fraud?

Glenn Beck does an excellent expose' of this video. He even pointed out a very old subliminal message tactic that was developed by the so-called progressives. There's a split second photo of someone holding a sign that says, "Thank God there's Glen (sic) Beck". So, exactly what is racist about that? Look where it's placed in Think Progress's video. In between Nazi-man and someone else making racist comments. God's and Glenn Beck's name were placed there in hopes people would connect racism with these two names. Mr. Beck explains:

The other clips are anything but racist, such as, "We think the Muslims are coming in and taking over." "Send [Obama] back to Kenya" is a reference to the belief that he was not born in the United States, but in Mombasa, Kenya. Definitely not racist. "We can fight al-Qaeda, but we can't kill Obama." Maybe a little off his nut, but no racism in this comment either. And the term "faggot", a term I neither use nor condone, is anything but racist.

To date, Think Progress has not issued any statements about this fraudulent video other than the one noted above. Why? Because it would destroy what little credibility they have. They count on those who do not think things through and the confusion of many between what is a racial slur and a derogatory term aimed a particular group of people that has been perpetrated on the American people by the left.

And think about this: if racism is so widespread in the Tea Party movement, then how come Think Progress could not even get ONE MINUTE'S worth of footage? Take out the known outright fraudulent clips, and you do not even have HALF A MINUTE.

Here's a final note. In a vain attempt in trying to make the Tea Party appear as a racist movement, NBC reporter Kelly O'Donnell approached a black man at the Tax Day Tea Party rally in Washington, D. C. with the statement, "There aren't a lot of African-American men at these events." The man was Darryl Postell, and his answer to O'Donnell's question of if he had ever felt uncomfortable at the Tea Party rally. Mr. Postell answered simply, "No . . . no, these are my people . . . AMERICANS." (emphasis mine).

This obvious attempt to create a racial issue was completely crushed by Mr. Postell's simple answer. " . . . these are my people . . . Americans." That's right, AMERICANS, obviously a concept with which liberals have difficulty understanding. Great answer, Mr. Postell!

Here is an excellent video showing interviews by Nathaniel Stewart of a number of black people who attended the Tax Day Tea Party rally in Washington, D.C. The interviewer reads quotes by leftist journalists and gets their reactions.

The answers from these fellow Americans show just how out of touch with reality liberals really are. I think the real reason the left is so up-in-arms at the Tea Party protests is that the left enjoyed center stage in the protest arena for decades. Average citizens did not participate in demonstrations and protests. They went to work every day, paid their bills, and raised their children. Now, John Q. Ordinary Citizen has seized the limelight and liberal protests greatly pale in comparison. This pre-meditated fraud is just one example of the left's desperation to get it back.


Carolyn said...

Dirk, I'm so glad I can see these videos now! Thank GOD for smart Americans who won't take no guff from the alphabet "news" or George Soros' groups of thugs.
Yes, I am (or I would be more, if I didn't have Jesus) afraid of Obama, but I'm also afraid of Pelosie, Reid, Geitner, Emanuel (s), and the 100 or so czars. These people- all progressives scare the crap out of me. I don't like socialism, came from a mildly socialist Canada, and didn't like it back then- don't like, and am afraid of what they're all pushing and shoving on the people now. If that makes me a racist, well, jee, I guess I never knew what a racist was- cause I didn't think that's what it meant.
Thank you so much for posting all of these. And I repeat what I said in my last comment, Lord, I pray people wake up! I hope they can separate the truth from the deception that makes up the progressive movement.
God Bless you Dirk!

Heli gunner Tom said...

Hi Dirk,
Seeing seems to be better than just hearing, now days, and you provided the proof. I am of the school of thought/ camp, that something BIG will happen soon that will change things forever... the RAPTURE! So the majority of MY time will be spent sharing the Gospel.

Tom S

I'm Just Musing said...

In the last couple of months I have been involved in my local Tea Party. Somehow I was "volunteered" to be in charge of the communications section, which suits me fine.
One of my duties is to read the local papers and check the comment sections online, and add to the discussion, basically spreading the word out. In fact I blogged on it today http://itsclearasmud.blogspot.com

The first thing said is always "The Tea Party is racist." But when asked no one can ever provide proof. They will usually point to one picture, the dale Robertson picture, and forget that this gentleman was asked to leave the rally and the tea party chapter he belonged to. Other than that there is no "proof".

I will use these links as further ammunition in my communications. Thanks