13 July 2010


This news is about two months old, but I haven't had much time lately to research this. But not all of it's old news. The pattern with this administration continues.
During the Pennsylvania primaries earlier this year, Democratic Representative Joe Sestak was running against incumbent Senator Arlen Specter. White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, using Former President Bill Clinton, offered Sestak a bribe in the form of a prominent advisory position within the administration in exchange for Sestak dropping out of the race. According to the New York Times, one of the jobs offered was a position on the PRESIDENT'S INTELLIGENCE ADVISORY BOARD. Click HERE for the New York Times article.

Here's Clinton doing the Washington Ignore the Question Dance:

As you know, Sestak refused, then went on to defeat Specter in the Pennsylvania Senate primary.
Fast forward to June 2010 and a report on Fox News, INTERVENTION IN COLORADO RACE COULD CAST PALL OVER OBAMA TRANSPARENCY MESSAGE. This time it was Deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina contacted Colorado House Speaker Andrew Romanoff in the fall of 2009 to determine if Romanoff was still interested in a USAID job for which Romanoff had applied. Even though White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs denied making a job offer ("plausible deniability"), the rest of Messina's inquiry was to determine "if it was possible to avoid a costly battle between two supporters". The latter refers to the White House's attempt to get Romanoff out of the primary race against incumbent Senator Michael Bennet. The Obama administration, by sheer coincidence I'm sure, supported Bennet.

Here's a clip from CBS News' Washington Unplugged with more:

According to the accompanying article to the video, ANDREW ROMANOFF BREAKS SILENCE ON WHITE HOUSE JOB TALKS, Messina told Romanoff that the administration would support his opponent, and three White House positions might be available if Romanoff were not in the Senate race. When Romanoff refused, no one in the White House communicated with him again.
There is obviously a pattern here. I wonder just how much of this is going on with this "transparent" administration that we don't know about because the players involved are keeping quiet. "Change"? Not so much. Same as always, business as usual, no real "change". Not surprising though judging from Obama's track record.

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Carolyn said...

Dirk, you're right in the fact that this is kind of old news, but your points are excellent. And the more we keep bringing these and I'm sure more of these "job offers" to light and keeping them out there so people will know, they will also remember in November! God Bless and keep them coming!

Anonymous said...
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Heli gunner Tom said...

Hi Dirk,
When I get flooded with so many lies, I just pigeon hole the person under the term, "LIAR" and move on.
A leopard cannot change his spots.
Jesus is Lord.

Tom S

Nelishia said...

Let's see if I can follow this:
Sestack and Spector are running against each other. Then Emmanuel asked Clinton to ask Sestack to drop out of the race for a price. Sestack said NO and went ahead and won the race. THEN, a repeat of same behavior, different characters. Messina called Romanoff to ask if he was still interested in a job he'd applied for saying it would be costly on both parties' end to run in that particular election. The Bribe was his choice from three different White House positions. When he refused, he was ostracized forever from the White House.

It is so TRANSPARENT I can see through it too.

Even I was able to understand this.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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