28 August 2010


There was a law passed last year called the MILITARY AND OVERSEAS VOTER EMPOWERMENT (MOVE) ACT.  In short, it requires all states to mail absentee ballots to military personnel stationed overseas at least 45 days in advance of an election.  This is an increase from 30 days which the Department of Defense had maintained that 30 days was not enough time for the ballots to reach service men and women at forward bases and be returned in time to be counted.

Now, there are ten states, Washington, D. C. (figures), and the U. S. Virgin Islands, that are trying to get waivers so that they do not have to comply with this law.  The states are Hawaii, New York, Delaware, Alaska, Maryland, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Colorado.  

The law was passed in October 2009.  The waivers are being requested because of claims that, due to the dates of their elections, there is not enough time to comply with the 45 day requirement.  Sorry Charlie, but that just simply "doesn't wash."  All concerned have known this was coming since last year giving plenty of time to plan how to comply with the law.

We all know how fast-moving the U. S. Department of Justice when it comes to quashing the will of the people.  The latest example of this is its lawsuit against the State of Arizona for daring to copy the Federal government's anti-illegal immigration law.  Want to guess at how fast they are moving to enforce the MOVE Act?  


But in this case, the snail is winning.  Two former U. S. Department of Justice Voting Section litigation attorneys have accused the DOJ of STALLING on enforcement of the MOVE Act.  Because of the DOJ's inaction, thousands of military votes may not get counted this November. Senator John Cornyn, R-Texas, who co-sponsored the MOVE Act, wrote a letter to U. S. Attorney General Eric Holder expressing concerns  about the Department of Justice allowing states to opt out.  Click HERE to read the letter.  Do you really think it is any coincidence this is happening when Obama knows he will lose control of Congress this November?  Yeah, and I have some beachfront property in Knoxville for sale that I'll sell you cheap too. 

What I would like to know is where are all the protestors that were screaming after the Bush-Gore presidential election?  All we heard was how voters were "disenfranchised" because of the type of ballots used in Florida that were just fine as long as the Democrats were winning the elections.  We heard this ad nauseum for weeks.  Votes were counted, recounted, and recounted.  Al Gore tried to get the military vote thrown out because the Postal Service doesn't have branches on aircraft carriers and overseas military bases.  Just where are all of these people now that our military personnel stand to be disenfranchised because of DOJ's lack of compliance oversight?  Mighty quiet out there.  But wait!  The military overwhelmingly votes Republican.  Now I get it. 


Missy said...

Just another way to manipulate the system...

Lisa said...

More red tape from big government!! Hope it all gets straightened out before November!
Lisa in Kentucky
PS Waving hi to Nelishia!!