09 September 2010


Here is a woman who is a small business owner at a California town hall meeting with the best plan for true healthcare reform without the Marxism.  She is addressing U. S. REPRESENTATIVE LYNN WOOLSEY, D-California.

I said this in a previous post here.  It is absolutely ludicrous that we can buy a car, a house, a TV, or whatever in another state, but are not allowed, BY FEDERAL LAW, to purchase health insurance from a company outside of the state where we live.  In California, this small business owner can only choose from six insurance companies for healthcare plans, with over 1,300 health insurance companies nationally.  This was not even considered much less taken action on during the Obamacare debates in Congress.  Want to see your health insurance rates come way down?  Do away with this idiotic Federal law.  It would be like Wal-mart moving to your town.  Everyone else would have to lower their prices to compete or go out of business. I wonder what the payoff is to the Washington politicians by leaving this law in place?  You know there has to be one.  They don't do anything that doesn't benefit them.


Carolyn said...

They won't do it Dirk, and you know why. There are so many things they could do to fix health care, but they won't because it will take the power back to the people, and they don't want that. This lady was great, and I felt every word she said. I'm not a buisiness owner, but it's not much of a thought to know competition is needed for any buisiness, no matter what, to do best.
All we can do is hope that people are elected who listen and actually remember that they work for the people and are only sent to Washington to represent the people. God Bless you Dirk! Hope you all have a great weekend!

Lisa said...

I heard about this lady and am very glad to see your post about it Dirk. I was thinking of posting it in my public blog. Please tell Nelishia I miss her blog incredibly!!