31 January 2011


Here is an article published by DEBBIE SCHLUSSEL on January 19, 2011.  I have copied here as she wrote it as she has presented the facts very well.

 January 19, 2011, - 2:08 pm

No Surprise: 70% of Palestinians Prefer Israeli Rule

While the Palestinian Mission in Washington, yesterday, hoisted its ugly flag in a move to manipulate the world further toward its terrorist statehood scheme, most Palestinians don’t support it, according to a new poll.  This isn’t news to me, since there have been many of these polls over the years–all with the same result.  The vast majority of Palestinians–70%, according to a new poll–prefer to live  under Israeli rule, as opposed to Palestinian (or any other kind of Arab or Muslim) rule.
That’s because–despite the hype and overwhelming anti-Israel media and propaganda–they know the truth:  their lifestyle, quality of living, degree of freedom, and ability to remain alive and in one piece are all infinitely greater under the Western, civilized Jews who run Israel than the barbarians who run every single Arab and Muslim nation, especially the savages who run HAMAS and Fatah and would be their leaders, as they are in HAMASastan/Gaza and FATAHstan/the so-called “West Bank.”
Technically, only 35% were open and honest in the survey.  But another 35% refused to answer, either way, and that’s because they agree with the other 35% but know that if cousin Mohammed who heads the HAMAS block party down the street finds out they answered honestly, their heads, torsos, and limbs will end up in different locations around Ramallah, Khan Younis, and Tul Karem.  Only 30% said they’d prefer Palestinian rule.  And 40% of the Palestinians said that if their East Jerusalem neighborhood would become part of a Palestinian state, they’d relocate to another neighborhood if they could remain Israeli.
Not exactly a ringing endorsement by Palestinian Muslims.  The Palestinian Center for Public Opinion, run by Dr. Nabil Kukali, did the field work on the poll for Pechter Middle East Polls.  I hear he woke up with a donkey’s head in his bed this morning.
This survey explored the attitudes of Palestinian Arabs, living in all 19 neighborhoods of East Jerusalem, about their satisfactions and dissatisfactions with life in East Jerusalem, and their concerns and anticipated benefits of having their neighborhood become part of a new Palestinian state, or alternatively, having their neighborhood become an internationally recognized part of Israel and its residents become full Israeli citizens.
Dr. David Pollock was the principal investigator for this study and supervised the design, data collection and analysis of the study. Pechter Middle East Polls, headed by Adam Pechter, initiated, commissioned and analyzed the poll. Field work was conducted in November 2010 by a West Bank based Palestinian polling firm, the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion, headed by Dr. Nabil Kukali, using in-home, face-to-face interviews with a representative sample of 1,039 East Jerusalemites. The margin of error is 3%.
The most striking finding relates to East Jerusalemite preferences for citizenship after a two-state solution has been reached. When asked if they preferred to become a citizen of Palestine, with all of the rights and privileges of other citizens of Palestine, or a citizen of Israel, with all of the rights and privileges of other citizens of Israel, only 30% chose Palestinian citizenship. Thirty five percent chose Israeli citizenship and 35% declined to answer or said they didn’t know. A similar question asked respondents if “most people in your neighborhood” would prefer to become citizens of Palestine or of Israel: 31% estimated that most people prefer Palestinian citizenship; 39% estimated that most people prefer Israeli citizenship; and 30% declined to answer or said they didn’t know.
Furthermore, when asked if they would move to a different home inside Israel, if their neighborhood became part of Palestine, 40% said they were likely to move to Israel.
Like I said, not exactly a ringing endorsement by Palestinian Muslims of this statehood they allegedly want so much. They’d much rather live under the “evil Zionists” than their own people. They know the scoop.
How sad that most of the rest of the world does not and continues to bury its head in the sand in favor of yet another official state for Greater Barbaria.
And to show you what kind of propaganda is put out there to try to make the world believe otherwise, take a look at this ARTICLE posted by the Israel National News, Arutz Sheva.  The article is about the raising of the Palestinian flag over Washington, D. C. earlier this month.  The chief of the Palestinian United States Mission was quoted as saying, "It's about time that this flag that symbolizes the struggle of the Palestinian people for self-determination and statehood be raised in the United States."
Total fabrication and nothing but propaganda very reminiscent of the Communist Soviet Union.  Put this together with the fact that Israel has offered 100% of the land PLO leadership has demanded several times, and the offers have been turned down every time, both under Yassar Arafat and the current terrorist leaders.  Their goal is NOT establishing a Palestinian state.  The PLO a.k.a. PA has always been about destroying Israel, nothing else.  

The Obama administration allowing the flag of a known terrorist organization to be raised over our nation's capital is inexcusable. Of course this isn't surprising as this administration is anti-Israel and panders to terrorist leaders and states as well as America's enemies.

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Gerry said...

It does not surprise me that Palestinians would prefer Israeli rule if it is offered to them, because anyone is going to prefer a more civilized and intelligent regime where they are apt to be better off. So I found these polls interesting as they cast new light on what is going on over there. It is always hard to get an accurate fix of what is happening in a world far from ours. I think we have to remain open to what sounds to me like the truth as revealed in these polls.