06 May 2011


I received this from ARUTZ SHEVA, the Israeli National News Service.  According to an ARTICLE that was released today, Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu is in Great Britain on a three day visit to both Great Britain and France.  While Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron offered assurances of his country's "unshakeable" alliance with Israel, he turned right around and told Prime Minister Netanyahu, "We think, though, now there is a real opportunity - with the end of Bin Laden, with the Arab Spring, with all that's happening in the world - we think this is a moment of opportunity . . . to push forward the process of peace between Israel and Palestine."

Mr. Cameron seems to be a bit ill-informed.  First, the majority of Palestinians do not want a Palestinian state, but would rather remain under Israeli rule.  I posted this earlier this year.  Second, the Palestinian leadership does not want a Palestinian state either.  They have been offered 100% of the land they supposedly want several times, and the Palestinian Liberation Organization has turned it down every time.  (To keep from confusing some readers who may not be aware, the terrorist Palestinian Liberation Organization is the same thing as the Palestinian Authority.  They just changed their name after the death of Yassar Arafat).  A recent example is Prime Minister Netanyahu's offering to have direct talks with the PLO a number of times.  The PLO of course refused unless Israel stopped all construction in Judea and Samaria.  Israel did so for ten months, and true to form, the PLO continued to refuse to agree to talks with Israel.  It is a well documented fact that the PLO does not want to exist a state in addition to Israel.  The PLO's agenda is anything but peaceful coexistence with Israel.  The PLO wants Israel totally obliterated.  I do not understand what is so hard to understand about that.

However, in September, the PLO is expected to make an attempt to be recognized by the United Nations.  A diplomatic source in Great Britain was quoted as saying that if Prime Minister Netanyahu refused to engage in talks with the PLO, then "Europe would be asked a very difficult question, and we do not know yet what the answer to that question will be."

Last week in Cairo, Egypt, HAMAS and FATAH signed an agreement in effect merging with each other with the PLO leader, Mahmoud Abbas over it all.

To sum it all up:  Great Britain and France are ready to recognize a terrorist organization as a state that is controlled by two terrorist political parties.  Good move guys.    

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ADB said...

Dirk, I have to disagree with the rather negative tenure of your piece. Whilst I'm not exactly impressed with the Palestinian leadership, they are legitimate, elected representatives of the people of the West Bank - I'll leave out Gaza for the moment. Your source is seriously biased against the Palestinians, positively hostile. I really do not think you should carry the inference that the Palestinian state is by definition a terrorist state. Israel has done itself very few favours in dealing with the Palestinians in recent years, not recognising the groundswell movement away from the armed struggle.