16 June 2011


In February, I did a POST about the AMERICANS UNITED FOR SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE, had threatened the Cherokee County, Georgia school system with a lawsuit if graduation ceremonies were held at the First Baptist Church in Woodstock, Georgia as they had been since 2005.  As always, ONE and ONLY ONE person complained.  In short, the reason the school system used the church was because the sanctuary is air conditioned, seats 7,500 which accommodates the graduations of all the high schools in the county and all of the graduates' family members for a bargain basement rate.  The school board had the backbone to vote unanimously to use First Baptist Church Woodstock despite AU's threats. (SOURCE).

Once again, we see what happens when the public pushes back against the leftists.  The graduation ceremony this year took place at First Baptist Church Woodstock as scheduled.  I believe the group, CHEROKEE PARENTS AGAINST MOVING GRADUATION quite possibly checkmated AU's possible strategy by preparing for a last-minute court filing for an injunction until the case could be heard in court. It's not like these left wingnut groups haven't done that before in an attempt to catch everyone off guard.  There was no "off guard" here and the graduation ceremony proceeded.  As I have said a number of times before right here, the only way to stop these liberal groups from forcing their agenda on the majority is public opposition.  These groups try to portray themselves as representing the majority and appear to be large and powerful organizations.  Intimidation tactics are their main strategy.  When there is public opposition and it goes to the news media, then it is obvious to all how small a segment of our society is actually comprised of liberals (Gallup poll 2009 HERE).  These groups do not want this kind of publicity and therefore back off.  It worked in King, North Carolina regarding the Christian flag flying at a memorial there, and it worked in Cherokee County, Georgia.  Public opposition works every time.  

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