06 August 2011


Obama's refusal to listen to any plan other than one that would raise the debt ceiling once again so they can spend, spend, spend, has left us with just "change." For the first time in our history, the U. S. has lost its AAA credit rating.  


Heli gunner Tom said...

I would say that obama-boy should take the lion's share of responsibility for the downgrade of our AAA standing! How is he going to wriggle out of this new fiasco??? Ha!

Tom S

Carolyn said...

Oh but...but It's all the terrorist teap party's fault! I have not been this furious with the government in months. What ever happened to "the buck stops here" ? I know... it's also all G Bush's fault. Well, George may have been a big spender, but at least he had our economy going well (until the libs got in both houses) and he left office with America having a AAA rating.
Thanks Dirk. God Bless.