09 October 2011


This comes as now surprise at all.  Regardless of the lies the Palestinian Liberation Organization, a.k.a., Palestinian Authority, has the goal of . . . not peace . . . not a two-state "solution" . . . it's what I have been reporting all along from reputable news sources and watching the Palestinian/Israel situation most of my life.

This is according to the PALESTINIAN MEDIA WATCH, or I should say, according to the Palestinian Liberation Organization.  The very next day after the PA/PLO submitted its request to the United Nations for statehood, the PA/PLO controlled PA TV broadcast a map of a Palestinian state that completely engulfs Israel.  (SOURCE)  

Translation of the text in the photo:  Top Left = EXPELLED  Top Right = RESOLVE  Bottom = RIGHT TO RETURN

There you have, it once again, from the proverbial horse's mouth.  My favorite method.

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