26 November 2011


My wife found the following video which is quite a revelation on how the leftist news sources in this country such as CNN and NPR keep their listeners and viewers in the dark.  This video is a short poll showing how uninformed Obama voters were during the 2008 elections, and none of them could recognize key Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.  Keep in mind these people voted . . . for Obama . . . no surprise there.


ADB said...

Nothing new there. The vast majority of people vote for the candidate that last spoke to them prior to the poll. Very few people care as passionately about politics as yourself, and find it a showstopper in conversation. But they will vote, otherwise they don't really have a valid reason to complain about the government that's voted in!

Carolyn said...

More people know about the supposed sexual harrassment claims against Herman Cain than do people realize that dear leader recently claimed that Hawaii was a part of Asia. Yup- they know the headlines, but once a story is either debunked or the truth comes out, it's old news. Then again, the original headlines keep on finding tread on the lamestream, who never tell the real news about their chosen. I can't stand it Dirk, but I got to agree with what ADB said, there's nothing new here. I just don't want to hear the complaining when they do vote out of ignorance and find the mess that we're in now. They voted for their messiah and they have to deal with the consequences. I just wish we didn't have to suffer because of their ignorance.

Thanks for keep it up Dirk. I pray more people will wake up.