14 October 2008


I received another feed from ARUTZ SHEVA which is a service the Israel National News. The article is entitled BOTH IRAN AND US AIDING PA (clickable link to the entire article). For those who may not know, the PA stands for "Palestinian Authority". The name "Palestinian Authority" is just another moniker for the old Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) which was led by Yassar Arafat until his death. The PA's mission has never changed - the total destruction of Israel. In the past while it was known as the PLO, all of the land they claimed as a Palestinian state was offered. They turned it down. Establishing a Palestinian state has never been their goal. Destroying Israel always has been.

Here is an exerpt from the article: "American security demands that the government waive Congressional restrictions against direct financial aid to the Palestinian Authority (PA), United States President George W. Bush wrote the State Department Monday. However, Arab sources report that the PA is receiving aid from Iran." No surprise that Iran is aiding the PA. Let's read on.

"The move will allow up to $75 million to be pumped directly to the cash-strapped PA, which has become increasingly dependent on international help to the point that it has been labeled a welfare state by some European leaders. Congress added the waiver clause in its stipulation that most aid be directed through non-PA organizations to prevent the money from going into PA leaders' pockets or to terrorists. Direct American financing to the PA is supposed to be contingent upon the PA showing that it has ceased incitement against Israel and has disarmed terrorists."

Just how naive can our government get? With their purpose in life being to obliterate Israel, why would they ever "cease incitement against Israel?" I think it's fairly obvious that the PA would pretend to do so, but continue their terrorist attacks against Israel secretly.

"The American government has not commented on recent PA television programs and school textbooks that continue to show the entire land of Israel, including all of Jerusalem and the Tel Aviv area, as Arab land."

That's enough for me right there. Just think. $75,000,000 of YOUR money and mine going to fund this longtime terrorist organization. But then, every administration in Washington, has played pattycake with the PLO or PA for years and years. That doesn't change the fact though that President Bush is listening to some very bad advice from one or more of his foreign policy advisors.


Carolyn said...

Hi Dirk- thank you for this one- I hadn't read it yet. I agree that someone needs their heads xamined if they think more money will placate the PLO (yes I still use their old name- because like you said, they're still the same) And it amazes me when "humanitarian" groups which call for more aid to the Palestinian people actually believe the money will go to women and children. Sorrythese people are not as dense as they lead others to believe. They are all against Israel. Some day Israel will cease to be the stumbling block to all nations and our Cornerstone will come and ReCLAIM HIS own! I shudder and pary for these who are working against Israel. God Bless you Dirk! Carolyn

Allison said...

I'm not going to comment on the Israel thing again for now, just wanted to say I watched the debate tonight and I have made up my mind completely who I am voting for. Obama. I hope your stay at Blogger will be a good one. Luv ya!

Anonymous said...

Scary. Really scary. Thanks for the truth as always Dirk!

God bless-

Gerry said...

I have not followed closely the affairs of Israel and maybe that is the problem with our leader, he has not been thinking about Israel enough to make sure money does not go for its destruction. That surely is not Bush's goal even if it might happen as a result of his actions. The right hand does not always see and comprehend what the left is doing! I did read a great deal on Israel for years, but one has a tendency to let other pressing concerns take over. Gerry

MISSY said...

Scary isn't it? *M*


Heli gunner Tom said...

I liked your post! People who vote for obama-mination the baby killer and abortionist must be the devil's servants and demented air heads, huh? Their hands are red with the blood of innocents, IMHO.
And they, most probably, are the ones who clamor for the release and freedom of child murderers and rapists... LOL. Just my most humble opinion. Please send me Your URL so that I can put it in my own blog system.
Too, sorry, but your black print is hard to see against the blue back ground...
Take care.

Tom Schuckman


My URL: Heli-gunner Tom http://heli-gunnertom.blogspot.com/

Star said...

Dirk, Nice blog but I'm having a hard time reading the black words in the dark blue back ground.

Someone once told me if you walk into a bar and a drunk is bound and determined to hit you because he does not like you and you have tried all the words to convince him to change his mind.

Words nor money will work. it is best to get the first punch in.

The question was asked Sen. Obama if he were elected President and Isreal was bombed with a nuke would he take military action? His answer was this military action is not always the first action.

I would talk to Iran. (While Ireal is suffering Sen. Obama would talk)

This was a dispicable answer.

Future: "Welcome America to the Sen. Barack Obama's World of Socialism"

Dawgman said...

Looks like the Bush Administration is buying into, lock, stock, and barrel, the notion that Israel is the "cause" of all the problems in the Middle East. Nothing, of course, could be further from the truth. The neighboring Arab states, whom have all sworn to destroy Israel, are the real problem, and have always been.

It all centers around the Islamic belief that once a land is conquered in the name of Allah, that it can never be given back to the former occupants, in this case, Israel. Never mind the fact that the land of Israel was given to the Hebrew people by God many years before Islam came into existence. The Muslims totally ignore that and continue to see the modern-day Israelis as invaders.

God told Israel, "Those who bless your name will be blessed; those who curse you will be cursed." And Revelation is clear in that God will protect Israel and her children in the End Times, even from the supernatural powers of the antichrist, when he takes over the earth for his brief, but cataclysmic seven year reign.

Until then, "Men will cry 'peace, peace,' but there is no peace," Jesus told us. "There will be wars and rumors of war."

Mankind can't break the will of God and the prophecies are playing out before our eyes.


CINDY said...

Hi Dirk. I very much enjoyed this post. Alot of what you wrote I hadn't heard about.


Star said...

Great post Dirk! The U.S. Government has not understood that money will not do anything but, enforce their views that America is The Great Satin that believes in using its wealth to corrupt countries.

Heli gunner Tom said...

Hi Dirk,
thanks for the comment on my blog post: http://heli-gunnertom.blogspot.com/
Christians especially ought to see the LIGHT now-- that the great behind the scenes powers STD--Satan the Devil] control everything in this world in the year 2008. So now matter what human philosophy a person is devoted to-- it will fail! We are supposed to have a DEMOCRACY in the USA, but our Senators and Reps DON'T vote the way we tell them!!

Tom Schuckman