31 January 2009


There have been many others here that have given their take on the so-called Economic Stimulus package. I say so-called because literally 93% has absolutely nothing to do with the economy. This legislation is loaded with pork-barrel spending, also known as earmarks. Remember earmarks during the President Obama's campaign? Here's a video of one of the debates between Senator McCain and President Obama, where Obama is highly critical of out-of-control spending.

Now, President Obama has done a complete turnaround. Kevin, who writes
THE BLACK SPHERE, has done several posts on the economic stimulus plan. Please visit Kevin. His journal is an excellent read. The first I would like to reference is a post entitled OBAMA'S BAILOUT PLAN: PORK A PALOOZA. Kevin shows only a partial list of the pork barrel spending that comprises the majority of this bill. There's much, much, more. The small part that is actually going to infrastructure, which again IS ONLY ABOUT 7% OF THE TOTAL PACKAGE, will be doled out on a highly discriminatory basis if President Obama's Economic Advisor, Robert Reich, has his way. Here is another video clip, where Mr. Reich says it himself:

For those who need a transcript of this video, Tom, who writes
TOMS JOURNAL, posted what Mr. Reich said. Click HERE. Be sure and visit Tom's journal, too. He's a Christian and war veteran and writes on a variety of subjects.

Every economist I've seen or heard so far has said they do not think Obama's plan will do anything to improve the economy. What's more, even CNN is questioning it. I saw a newscast this week that pointed out some of the pork in this plan. The news anchor raised some eyebrows. It's apparent that many Americans are doing more than raising their eyebrows. On January 8, 2009, a Gallup Poll showed that 53% of Americans favored the $775 billion plan with 36% opposing it. (
MAJORITY OF AMERICANS FAVOR $775 BILLION ECONOMIC STIMULUS). As of January 28, 2009, the approval of the now $800 billion plan has slipped to 52% of Americans favoring it with 37% now opposing it (IN U.S., SLIM MAJORITY SUPPORTS ECONOMIC STIMULUS PLAN). Not a huge percentage, but one percent is a significant number of people. Another way of looking at it is that just barely over half of us favor it. Not exactly overwhelming support. I think the approval numbers will slip even more as the news gets out that so little of this massive spending plan has almost nothing to do with jump starting the economy.

There's another thing to remember here. Remember those promised middle class tax cuts? Hard to remember, isn't it? Wonder where THAT promise went? I think here's a good place to start: Photobucket

Even though we've seen time and again that reducing taxes pumps more money into the economy and recovery is much faster, it won't happen with the Democrats in power. If you check out my series last year, IT'S NOT NECESSARILY WHO YOU VOTE FOR, BUT WHAT, the Democratic Party platform does not support tax cuts. Obama's campaign promise to cut taxes for the middle class was merely to gain votes. Just a reminder: any candidate, Democrat or Republican, can say anything they want to in order to get elected, but once elected, they must follow their party's platform. President Obama is following his party's platform.

Now, how do Americans feel about tax cuts? Going again to the Gallup poll posted January 8, 2009, SPECIFICS OF STIMULUS APPEAL TO AMERICANS, 72% favored income tax cuts, and 75% favored tax cuts for businesses. Obviously, the mis-named economic stimulus package as it has gone through the House and is now in the Senate is another result of the Washington politicians NOT listening to us. With an exception. FINALLY, the Republicans in the House found some backbone that's been missing for a long time, and all voted against this disaster. Now, even some Democrats in the Senate are having misgivings about it. Could it be that they're afraid of being voted out if they go for it? I don't know, but it could be. Any of them that vote to put us $800 billion more in debt need to be voted out. E-mail your Senators and let them know we won't tolerate flushing Photobucket billions more in the middle of a recession on pet projects. Instead, let's have a real economic recovery plan starting with tax cuts, and keeping the pork with the slop where it belongs.



Carolyn said...

Hi Dirk~ first of all, this does not surprise me in the least. These are, after all liberal democrats, and they have been rubbing their hands together in glee ever since election night. They have een salivating for chances like this to put all their socialist plans in place, not caring at all if it's bad for the country. I'm not trying to plug my own blog- but I am just starting on a multi part post about the fact that this all seems planned- I mean the whole economic crisis we're in. It's a joke really- all the dems, pelosi and co. all their hot air about bi partisan and culture of corruption on the side of the repubs. They need to take a long good look in the mirror. Thank you Dirk for our post. God Bless~

Heli gunner Tom said...

Dirk, old buddy,
Your posts are always a treat for me and well researched. Please forgive me, but your music blocks out the speech in the videos. I also find it advantageous to use dark print on a lighter back ground for old folks like me... lol.
I am honestly getting into the 'end times' prophecies to learn what we Christian ought to be doing with our knowledge of what MUST come. "Why polish the brass on a sinking ship?" Stay informed, tell the truth [as you always do] but move to higher ground as the flood is coming.

Your friend,
Tom S

Anonymous said...

I'd have loved to have been in the dress circle seats when all this was being planned, for it truly is good theater, but theater we'll have to live with. 96% of pols(ANY party aff) tell you one thing, then once they have the Empery in their grasp, opps, we have to do it THIS other way now.

I have said before that I think Obama is a decent man and that I am going to give him some time, not jump around ragging on him, but this is very disappointing.

Barbara said...

I really don't think congress can pass any spending bill without pork...no matter who is in the majority. BUT, it is sad to see so much lining of the pockets in such a hard time for our country.

Lisa said...

Thanks for all the information Dirk - as another commentor stated it is always well thought out & researched.

None of this surprises me in the least. How many times has it been proven that a candidate will say anything to get elected.

Future generations are in big, big trouble. Sad.

Lisa said...

You do such a nice job of explaining these politics Dirk. I always learn something new when I stop by your journal. From what I understand about these stimulus packages from a friend here in blog world who recently filed her taxes, it is like they are simply giving us an advance on our regular tax returns. I was surprised to find out that the amount of the stimulus will be deducted from my tax return this year. Did I just forget about this after I got my stimulus check? LOL probably as my life has been busy this year. I do wish they had made that more clear when they sent the first checks out. Maybe they did and I just have no brain memory LOL. I am leery of Obama and really hoping he can do something to help us and trying so hard to give him my support and give him a chance even though I am a devout republican. Now that he is up there, even if I didn't vote for him I just keep praying for him that God will guide this man to help our country. I am so disappointed in all the democratic talk about charging the cows tax for breathing and all this talk about saving the earth and making everything green and the global warming bolony. I wish they would get down to real business and do something useful. Dirk, have you heard anything more about whether or not this president intends to keep our constitution as it is or to try to change it? And what is he going to do about abortions... probably nothing. You would think with him having two daughters and coming from an outspoken zionist baptist like background that he would be very against abortion. If we would stop killing our own babies I think this would be a step in the right direction. Any news on this regard?

Dawgman said...

Discontent will set in quickly, now that Obama is president. I think you'll see it by this summer and most certainly by fall of this year. A lot of Obama supporters are going to be scratching their heads and saying, "What have I done???"


Missy said...

I think the tax cuts and the stimulus
packages are a bad idea.