22 January 2009


On my last post, one of my regular readers and followers, Ralph, who writes GEORGIA MOUNTAINS AND BEYOND (title is a clickable link), disagreed with some of my assertions. Take the time to pay Ralph a visit. He writes about political issues, but also about happenings in his own life. A little heads-up here: Ralph and I are pretty much opposites politically so don't go there expecting another "me"! Ralph also always has a spectacular photograph from the area where he lives at the top of his blog that he changes periodically.
Here's a repost of Ralph's comment:
"Dirk, Gitmo needs to be closed. Most of those folks have been held with no charges for years. They aren't going to turn them loose. The Sec of Defense and most military people have been calling for it to be closed and the prisoners dealt with one way or the other. Even the folks running the place say it should be closed. We are a better country than, say China, or Iran, or any of the others like them. We don't hold people without charges as they do. This mess is already costing us millions and will continue to. Let's resolve it now and use the money elsewhere."
I won't get into the debate on how the prisoners of war have been held without charges and so on, and the difference between the military justice system during wartime and the civilian justice system, except for one thing. During wartime, POW's or enemy combatants are typically held for the duration of the war. Other countries do the same. Many of our World War II POW's, for example, stayed POW's until the end of the war, or until Allied forces freed them.

The main thing I wanted to say was in response to Ralph's statement, "They aren't going to turn them loose." Actually, some of them will be, according to President Obama himself. According to an article in the Times Online, RELIGHTING THE BEACON: PRESIDENT OBAMA ORDERS CLOSURE OF GUANTANAMO, "The detainees will be divided into three categories: those that can be sent back to their home countries, others who can face trial on US soil, and detainees such as Mohammed that “we cannot transfer to other countries . . . but we cannot try because of various problems related to evidence”, Mr Obama said. "
This article was posted today. The release of any of these terrorists is, in Washington political-speak, is totally unacceptable. Letting any of these people out will only ensure they will continue their terrorist activities against the "Zionist infidels". I think their release will also boost their morale in continuing their "Holy War" against us.
Thank you Ralph for reading, following, and commenting. I appreciate it and always enjoy the conversation!


Allison said...

All I have to say is that we need to give the new administration time to do what it can and actually allow ourselves the chance to have an open mind! Quite frankly, there isn't anything that can be done that hasn't been screwed up so badly for the past 8 years. Have a happy Friday Dirk. Luv ya!

Heli gunner Tom said...

I have already read Ralph's post before and I totally disagree with his post and view point. I doubt if he was a combat Veteran.
Some say that we 'should give Obama a chance', but he already released his Gay, Abortion, mess up the Armed Forces, etc. agenda on the White House web site! He has been and continues to be the most Left of the most Liberal Left and now America will get 'exactly what they elected.' I hope that I am wrong, but it seems that God "allowed" Obama to become President for a reason. God plans to accelerate His promised intention to return to Earth in Christ to "deal with the Nations and Shepard them with an Iron Rod."

Warm Regards,
Tom S

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that you 2 are opposites on the political front, but that you send folks over there. I HATE tortured(my dad would say jobless) intellectuals who think their way is the only way, and want to beat everyone else into submission with carefully crafted bs.
And say hi to your beautiful Nel for me :-).

Amanda said...

Are we a safer country now that he is in office? Nope. I think its pretty obvious.

Good post Dirk.

have a blessed weekend-

Missy said...

Dirk, I agree with you. Turning everyone loose isn't the answer; It just seems like the easy way out.


lisa jo said...

I don't believe for one minute that Obama will let any terrorist out that even remotely would commit another terrorist attack.

Julie said...

I agree. Personally I had some really good years until this last one as we got closer and closer to the election and my stocks started falling. That always reflects the confidence of the market and they are not confident, are they. So as to that bad last 8 years? I didn't see it, bought a new house, a new van, saved some money for the first time. Think that is ending now though.

marti said...

msm? That is the complete name. Thank you I will try it.
Do you have any more info?

Lisa said...

I have to agree with you Dirk, I still don't think it's a good idea to close Gitmo. I guess only time will tell - hopefully it won't be one of those things we lok back on years from now and say maybe we shouldn't have done that.

natalie said...

olay Dirk
well orchestrated but what is your solution?
if nothing else we seem to be in a financial quagmire with his impossible list of characters
what do you suggest?