21 January 2009


I heard on the news today about President Obama's first day in office. With the economy in shambles, and according to him, it's "the worst economy since the Great Depression", I figured the first thing he would start working on would be the economy. Not so. The very first thing he did was draft an EXECUTIVE ORDER to close GUANTANAMO BAY NAVAL BASE Photobucket within a year. President Obama also "asked" the military judges to suspend the war crimes trials and as of this afternoon, at least one did so who was presiding over a Canadian accused of killing an American soldier. Needless to say, 9/11 families are infuriated at President Obama's request (9/11 FAMILIES OUTRAGE BY OBAMA CALL TO SUSPEND GUANTANAMO WAR CRIMES TRIALS, Fox News, January 21, 2009).

For one thing, this is another Obama flip-flop. During his campaign, he stated he wanted to close Guantanamo Bay within two years (
OBAMA PLANS GUANTANAMO DEADLINE, BBC News, December 18, 2008). Now, on the very first day in office, it's less than a year.

So, where are the enemy combatants going to go? Some are just going to be released . . . period. Others will no doubt be tried in our court system, with the same rights and protections afforded you and I, at YOUR EXPENSE. Some, if not all, will get off on a technicality and they will go back to doing their dirty work - the next terrorist attack on the U. S.

Lest anyone start talking about all the alleged abuses there and so on, let me make this point. If there are abuses, deal with the abusers, not just do away with the whole thing. If we used this reasoning with our prison system, we wouldn't have any prisons or jails left and the thugs just running the streets.

There's one other thing that we don't hear about in the news that I think is important. RED CHINA Photobucket has oil drilling rigs in the area of Cuba. The Cuban government aligned itself with the Red Chinese government Photobucketafter the breakup of the SOVIET UNION. Photobucket

It was once said that those who don't learn from history are condemned to repeat it. I think we are now about to repeat history. When Fidel Castro's Cuba was allied with the Soviet Union, Soviet troops were trained in Cuba. The Soviet Union also carried out espionage operations against the U. S. from Cuba. It was very convenient since Cuba is only about ninety miles from Florida. And let's not forget the CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS. Fast forward to 2009. Do you actually believe that Red China is "just" drilling for oil there? Do you really believe the Chinese government would miss such a grand opportunity to conduct covert surveillance operations against the U. S. from these "oil rigs"? Electronic monitoring from there would be a snap. Keeping a close watch on the Chinese there as well as any future Chinese military training taking place there would be very easily done from the Guantanamo Bay base. Don't think such things can happen? Raul Castro, who as you know took Fidel Castro's place, recently officially strengthened Cuba's ties with China and Moscow (CUBA-CHINA STRENGTHEN TIES, Havana Times, November 21, 2008).

Considering what is at stake, we cannot afford to close Guantanamo Bay. It's very strategically located INSIDE an enemy nation and we absolutely can't afford to just let any of the terrorists there go free. I think President Obama needs to seriously rethink this one.


Heli gunner Tom said...

Hi Dirk,
Seems like I missed a few of your posts. I have been emailing some of my posts to my friends in case they miss them.
This post was great, and I think I get better news coverage than watching Fox TV News.. lol. I don't trust our "News" media anymore. I am also getting 'war/ battle weary' too, and hope that some God loving Conservatives take up the flag and fight as we old guys fade away.

Warm Regards,

Missy said...

I think we were doomed as soon as he was voted in.

The man is being worshiped, that should tell us that something is wrong.

Not a great thing to be doing his first day on the job...


Lisa said...

Wow, what an eye opener about China & Cuba! I didn't know this was going on. Sounds like a really scary scenerio to me and I don't like it at all.

As for Gmo...I am not surprised. I think all of those who want the poor & abused terrorists released should open THEIR homes & neighborhoods to them.

Georgia Mountain Man said...

Dirk, Gitmo needs to be closed. Most of those folks have been held with no charges for years. They aren't going to turn them loose. The Sec of Defense and most military people have been calling for it to be closed and the prisoners dealt with one way or the other. Even the folks running the place say it should be closed. We are a better country than, say China, or Iran, or any of the others like them. We don't hold people without charges as they do. This mess is already costing us millions and will continue to. Let's resolve it now and use the money elsewhere.

Amanda said...

Very disturbing. I didnt watch the inauguration. I can't stand listening to that man even speak... I just know that something really bad is going to come from his preisidency... and hes proving it already.

Good job Dirk.

God bless-

Julie said...

I have to wonder why he is letting them go and where is he releasing them, back to their countries to plan more attacks? Although I feel more attacks are being planned and they were only waiting for Obama to get in. His ulterior motives are suspect to me. It is scary times.

Gerry said...

You have made a very good point. I hope this is called to Obama's attention to think about as I think having a base inside Cuba is vital. Sometimes not thinking through something completely before acting is worse than taking more time, this may be Obama's tendency in this change with all its dangers. I think that would be the hard part of makng presidential decisions is thinking about everything such a move involves. I am sure that the Cubans perked up when they heard this. I had a book about the whole Castro takeover written by a lawyer who was educated in the U.S. that I thought about sending you. It was a chilling look see into the Castros for me. I sent it to my sister but when she finishes reading it I think I will ask for it back and send it to you. I think it is a very valuable book for anyone to read who wants to be aware of the dangers in Cuba. Gerry

Carolyn said...

Hi Dirk- I agree with Missy that America was doomed the minute Obama flubbed the swearing in. Looking at all the things going forward now - Gitmo, closing down CIA interrogation centers around the world, openly gay ministers praying to a vague god, bringing the hate (thoughts) crime bill up, tax money for abortion- oh we are in deep trouble. Thank you for doing what you do Dirk. God Bless~