07 February 2009


The title of my post today is actually a gross understatement, because the blog I'm referring to is so much more than a "blog of note". I ran across this in my Google alerts and I'm glad I did. This is a blog written by the father of Fireman Gary Swenchonis, Jr. TERRORISM: POLITICIANS AND VICTIMS. Fireman Swenchonis was one of the sailors murdered on the U.S.S. Cole by terrorists. His latest post explains why he and his family did not attend the meeting with President Obama which was because President Obama's mind was already made up.
As Mr. Swenchonis said, justice has taken a back seat to politics, and like Mr. Swenchonis, I am really sick and tired of the support terrorists have here in America. The title of the blog above is a clickable link. Please visit and show your support for this family, and take the time to read the information on his sidebars.
Mr. Swenchonis, in an open statement to President Obama on his sidebar, summed it up very well:
"President Obama: Do you know how much it hurts to see you drop the charges against our sons killers? First the Dictator of Yemen freed our son's killers. And now you sir. We had hoped for some justice here in our own country. But now it appears that politics are more important than justice and the truth. "
The title of the blog above is a clickable link. Please visit and show your support for this family, and take the time to read the information on his sidebars.


Heli gunner Tom said...

Dear Bro. Dirk,
I love your grass roots style of getting people together to show their individual support, and you KNOW that I will visit the victim's family for sure.
Thank you for your courage and Patriotism!

Your good friend,
Tom Schuckman

ADB said...

The prison camp at Guantanamo Bay was a blot on the reputation of the United States. The fact that (alleged) terrorists treat people like pigs (sic), does not mean we should return the favour. It totally demeans any claim to humanity, and I support President Obama's decision to close Guantanamo Bay. Anyone suspected of terrorist offences should be tried in a normal court of law, and subjected to the due process. Yes, I know - the victims of 9/11 will not be brought back, and the call for vengeance remains strong. However, the actions of President George W. Bush in response to 9/11 have harmed the reputation of the USA in the world more than helped it.

I have every sympathy with the relatives and friends of those killed by terrorists, including the sailors on USS Cole. However, I would like to point out that we live in 2009, no longer in 2001, and things have changed in the world. If President Obama's actions really do not ring true in America, then people only have 1400-odd days left to wait to vote him out again.

Lisa said...

Looks like an interesting blog and I am going to pay a visit for sure. I cannot imagine the emotions & anger the author is feeling. Thanks for the heads up Dirk.

Carolyn said...

Thank you Dirk. I do not agree with closing gitmo- I have the faith of our soldiers who have taken care of these muderers. These people have been treated better than any other nation would do. I have such sadness for these families who have waited too long for any justice. The murderers have more rights than our military and their families. Seems like they have more support from leftist groups too. It makes me sick and sad. But thank you Dirk for posting this and leaving the link. God Bless~

Carolyn said...

one more thought Dirk- I would like to respond to ADB here if I may. He (she?) says that they have sympathy for victims families, but hey, get with it, we're in 2009 now. I'd like to point out that one of the reasons we are able to enjoy being in 2009,is because of our policies after 2001. If Bush had continued with the Clinton era mindset that these murderers are a "legal" problem and not an actual military one, we may have suffered even more attacks since, and perhaps me,or you or ADB would not be here now to respond to this article. This is war people. Not some small time thug group. I imagine if I had lost a loved one in any of the terrorist attacks, I could get on with my life, but the year they died would forever be etched in my life. We can ask them to get on with life, but we can give them the mercy and respect to allow them to have peace and justice from 8 or more years that have passed where the murderers have enjoyed freedom in Cuba. God Bless.

ADB said...

Taking this opportunity to Carolyn's reply to my first comment. My assertion that this was 2009, not '01, relates to changes in world politics, not to the passage of time since the 9/11 atrocity. I'd be the last to tell people to "get over it". Not all policies adopted by George W. Bush in response to the threat of terrorism were bad - I think taking out Afghanistan as an Al Qa'eda base was a clever move - but taking on Iraq was a serious mistake. Incarcerating terrorist suspects without trial was another. However, I do not share the acuteness of the pain inflicted on all Americans by 9/11 (I'm European), although I can very well understand the reactions expressed on this and other blogs when this subject is broached.


Julie said...

Thanks for leaving the link and I did visit. I am not surprised they were insulted by Clinton and might have been by Obama. President Bush treated the soldiers and their families with the respect somebody protecting our country deserved.

Liz in Virginia said...