08 February 2009


I'm sure that most of you have been following the so-called economic stimulus legislation news over the past weeks. Yes, I'm still calling it "so-called" because not even ten percent of it has anything at all to do with strengthening the economy. Can you say OINK? That's not the point, though.
Care to know what Congressional Democrats have been doing this weekend? While we've been listening to company CEO's being lambasted by members of Congress for their "excesses" (which by the way, salary and benefits are not set by the CEO's, but by the company boards), on and on ad nauseum, Democrats spent the weekend at KINGSMILL RESORT AND SPA, in Williamsburg, Virginia for their annual retreat according to a February 6, 2009 Associated Press article by Laurie Kellman. Now I know that the Republicans did the same thing earlier this year at the HOMESTEAD RESORT in Hot Springs, Virginia. But with one "small" difference. The Republicans paid for their retreat out of their own pockets. The Democrats on the other hand, spent $100,000 of YOUR tax money for the three-day weekend. The first thing that should be understood is that all of these people in Congress are all wealthy people. They can well afford to pay for such things themselves. I know that $100,000 to the Federal budget is dipping the ocean with a teaspoon. But if $100,000 of taxpayers' money is spent on "excesses" to use their phraseology, then there will be no more conviction about spending $1,000,000, or $1,000,000,000, and so on.
This is also another indication that they have no intention of living by the same rules as they want us to. Cutbacks? Will we live long enough to actually see it in Washington?
We've seen on the news recently that we now have a national unemployment rate of about 8%. That's all we've heard. What we haven't heard is that 92% of America's work force is still employed. During the Carter administration? Unemployment was 11%.
Inflation rate for 2008, despite the brief dramatic spike in oil prices, considerable price increases of most grocery items due to ethanol and increased transportation costs, 3.85% (INFLATIONDATA.COM). During the Carter Administration, say 1980, 13.58% (INFLATIONDATA.COM).
According to the Wall Street Journal's PRIME RATE HISTORY, the prme lending rate now is 3.25%. During the Carter administration, 1980, 20.0% (yes, you read that right, 20.0%).
And also according to INFLATIONDATA.COM, gasoline prices broke $1.00 per gallon for the first time ever 1980. The reason this was so extremely hard was that in 1976, just four years earlier, the price was around $0.60 per gallon. By the end of 1981, the average price was $1.35 per gallon. The price more than doubled in five years, but wages did not, not to mention waiting in lines for an hour or more to get gas, the fights and some shootings in the gas lines. Adjusting for inflation, this would translate to about $3.17 per gallon or so - and staying there.
Worst economy since the Great Depression? Don't think so. While I'm in no way minimizing those suffering because of the Democrats' mishandling of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, and their blocking every attempt several years ago to prevent this from happening, it could be a whole lot worse. It has been. In way less than a lifetime. But since many Americans' memories are short, I thought I would put a little reminder out there so we could remember how it was, and how it could be right now.


Carolyn said...

They make me sick to my stomach Dirk. My husband likes to watch the evening news- which happens to be when we're sitting down to dinner. The out right lies I have to listen to during that half hour every night is giving me major heart burn (I'm serious!) I am so sick and tired of lying. Thank you Dirk for keeping people informed. God Bless~

Amanda said...

This stuff makes me sick. I am so tired of dishonesty and corruption.

Thansk for sharing this Dirk0

Lisa said...

As with the other comments - this sickens me. Funny how everyone else is expected to cut back and make lifestyle changes or are forced to do so, but the fat cats in Washington think nothing of spending our money for an outing.

I think it is time for a tax revolt in this country. Seriously. If everyone would band together, employers and taxpayers and stop paying taxes for a time it would send a message loud and clear that WE, the people are sick of it and things had better change. WE have the power, we just need to get a set of balls and do it.

Can you tell you have me fired up??? I am sooooo tired of it.

Thanks for another informative entry Dirk...I think ;)

Star said...

I just received an E-mail from fairus.org stating that what wasn't in the stimulus bill was funding for E-Verify.

For those who don't know, this is the program that allows employers to verify that the new jobs that Barack Obama is creating are filled by legal US Citizens instead of illegal immigrants.

During the cloture vote on the amnesty bill we US citizens showed our strength by clogging up the Washington phone lines.

I suggest we do this again about the stimulus bill. But it must be in a month or so so enough people can participate.

What is happening to this country is sad but, I find it so difficult to understand how so many can be lead by someone with so little intellect and, so little leadership skills.

Star said...

What is the name of the Senator that received the most Fannie Mae lobbist money?

In my opinion April 15th, 2009 should be the protest call in date to washington. Clog the phone lines let them know how angry you are!
If you need the Phone Numbers contact me or the http://clerkofthehouse.gov.com website.

Mike said...

Great blog, Dirk. I'm glad I came across it. Just like everyone else, it really does make me sick too. But I have certain mindset when it comes to these things: Rarely shocked, but always appalled.

In response to Star's question, I believe it was (at least in terms of this last election cycle) our dear leader Barack Obama. But something tells me you already knew that.