09 March 2009


Here is a video clip sent to me by Lisa, LIFE ON A BISON FARM. The title of her blog is a clickable link, so please be sure to visit and comment. She actually does live on a bison farm, and she has many photos of not only the bison, but the many other animals too. I'm sure you will enjoy it very much!

This video is about the warnings that were given as far back as 2002-3 about the coming economic crisis that we're experiencing now. This is exactly what I've been saying about the "voices in the wilderness" warnings of disaster. Of course,
REPRESENTATIVE BARNEY FRANK, D-MA, and SENATOR CHARLES SHUMER, D-NY, both basically said there was no problem. Former President Bush recommended a major regulatory overhaul that would have increased oversight of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. And just WHO stopped it? THE DEMOCRATS. You can read the New York Times article for yourself by clicking HERE. As far as they were concerned, there was no problem. They, along with many other Washington politicians, including President Obama, were lining their pockets with kickbacks from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Being a state employee myself, if I did anything like that, I would be UNDER the prison soooo fast. A government employee, elected or not, can NOT profit from other government agencies or companies that contract with the government. It's a crime for people like you and I, but it's alright (at YOURS AND MINE expense) for the corrupt Washington system.

After reading Mr. Labaton's article in the New York Times, and hearing it on the video, I really don't want to hear any more accusations from the left about this crisis originating during "the last eight years." President Bush and Senator John McCain tried to get the Democrats to listen, but as we can see, they refused. They definitely have forgotten who they really work for. Now, we're paying the price for "the last six years" of crooked politicians in Congress.

By the way, I haven't been able to verify this one way or the other, but the e-mail had a note that said the American media didn't want anyone to see this video clip, and had Time Warner threaten to sue YouTube if it wasn't removed. The video link was rerouted through Canada and was apparently posted by
PROUD TO BE CANADIAN. This wouldn't be surprising at all if true.


Gerry said...

I think it is all too easy for the democrats to blame all the bad stuff on the previous administration, so it is going to take a while to sort out exactly the part they have played in thwarting any efforts for the Bush administration to get restraints on the financial system passed. I do think it is especially hard for a liberal to see any merit in the thinking of a conservative. But I have gotten so allergic to the short comings of liberal thinking I have a profound distrust of their ability to be fair. But with my long standing democrat party affiliation I contend that the radicals and nut cases have taken over, trying to be the spirit of the democratic party, and I have never felt they are, they have simply ursurped leadership with the help of democrats short on integrity in some areas. In every possible way, I will say that it is the radicals and extremists who want no compromise when it comes to issues like abortion, and they will take the country down if they are not resisted. I think the same embrace of abortion was also the embrace of untrammeled borrowing and buying, no consideration of the consequences.

Amanda said...

Ugh. This just makes me sick. Everyone wants to blame Bush for everything... I wish it would all stop!

God bless-