10 March 2009


I saw this on one of the blogs I read, NOBAMANATION 2008, posted this originally. The title is a clickable link. Please visit and leave a comment - a lot of good information generally suppressed by the mainstream media.

This post appeared on February 21, 2009 and was a poll conducted among registered voters by Fox News on February 17th and 18th, 2009. The post, entitled IS AMERICA LOST TO THE SOCIALISTS?, is very saddening because it shows the prevailing entitlement mentality of our society, and how willing most people are to give up their freedoms and turn them over to the Federal government, because it's easier than being responsible for one's own actions and decisions. Obviously, most people want the government to take care of them, and control every aspect of their lives. If that's what you want, Washington will certainly be most happy to oblige as they want more and more control of our lives.

One last thought: these numbers have to include conservatives and liberals alike. Really sickening.


Ralph M. Petersen-Always Right; Sometimes Wrong! said...

We've had it!

Gerry said...

I have thought about this a great deal after having spent 10 years on disability, until the age of 62 and social security, and I have been upset by the thousands of dollars in housing costs, medical costs, drug costs for people who have violated all the laws of good health, who still feel entitlement should be theirs in every area, and that what they have done to get themselves so helpless does not matter. I do not see how we can give entitlement to people without expecting more from them, but people do not realize that every entitlement wraps people in a cocoon of sort of disconnected government largess that can't put value on individuals except in a very distant way. I have ended up feeling like I am being saved for no good reason, because the government is a faceless body that cannot answer every need, and the system by which people develop self reliance and strong true connection and concern for each other is replaced by them with an accompanying emptiness it is impossible to fill.

Heli gunner Tom said...

It all depends on HOW YOUR WERE RAISED, and by whom...lol. If you were raised by one female in the ghetto and your family lived on welfare for as long as you can remember-- you may think that it is smarter NOT to work because the Gov't has been your provider all your ancestors lives. But if your people came from Europe and had the correct work ethic, you would never think about living off someone else!! When I was growing up on the farm in WI, it was a humiliating shame to be lazy.

Tom S

Anonymous said...

I don't want any child to go hungry or any person to go without heat or a decent life, but I do find the entitlement issues expansive. The arrogance of it is stunning. I think some of it is privately practicing things that you deplore in others. I know people looking for so much assistance all the time, who are also speaking in such a negative manner of OTHERS looking for assistance. Hating what they are, but not moving forward, so projectiong that hate on to others. When I hear that people "like you(Meaning me)" don't care about.......blah blah blah, that isn't so. I find many of the very people who benefit from those plans are the first & loudest to put them down when the money is going to someone else.

I've been spending a couple of weeks baking breads, cakes & other items for people without food, & I gladly do what I can, but everyone does need to take self-responsibility if they are at all able. ~Mary

Julie said...

It is very sad and I hear it all the time. Except from the people who escaped communist countries and sacrificed everything to get here. They are shocked we don't see what is happening. I am shocked people don't see what is happening. Great post.

Dawgman said...

Oh, yeah, Dirk. We are headed for socialism -- no doubt in my mind. I've known that for the past 10 years, or more. Too much public interest, for way too long, in people's own affairs and way too little interest in politics and what our government is up to. That's what has led us to this. Now Republicans are acting like Democrat Lite, arguing that they can run the leviathan better than the Dems, who created it, by and large. Meanwhile, the socialists have repackaged socialism over the past 40 years and made it look attractive to a majority of people. The USA I always knew and loved is disappearing before my eyes, and it will never be back, once it's gone. So very sad.

Lisa said...

It sure is a strange mentality. My husband and I have worked hard for everything we have... we've only had help during the brief time he was unemployed and when we had six children living with us ... it is sad that some do use the government for one hand out after another. What has happened to people taking pride in a hard day's work I wonder? I think some find it easier to sit back and just complain. I am praying for our nation to wake up.
Praying for our leaders to do the right things to help this country and not drive it under.

Carolyn said...

Hi Dirk- I noticed one thing about that poll. None of those things people believe that the federal government should provide - none of those are in the Constitution. Some, such as help after a disaster are really up to the individual states, and yes, it is helpful for the fed to step in and help, but then again, look at the huge waste of monies spent after katrina. The smaller role the fed plays consitutionally, the better. Unfortunately we have a community organizer lawyer occupying the people's house who has NO reguard to the Constitution. God Bless~

natalie said...

I really feel that people have been really hard pressed
they thought that they would get jobs and houses..some of them right away and by CNN's poll yesterday, most by at least next year
I really feel for our people whoare without support, without work,etc.
I think that the people who set up our disaster are without moral compass

natalie said...

Go see! Sam is back!
I wrote about his new blog entries! And if you get a chance go see bill at Bears Den

The Black Sphere said...

I actually thought it might be worse statistics than this. We still have a chance.