14 April 2009


I was very pleasantly surprised to get an e-mail the other day informing me a couple of awards had been passed on to me.

ZURAMA, who writes SUNRISE IN HAVANA, sent me two awards she posted in the Spanish language version of Sunrise in Havana. Please go visit Zurama's blogs. They're a very good read, and she has items in Sunrise in Havana that you most definitely will NOT see in the mainstream news media! Zurama has a couple of other blogs, one about the life of her autistic son, and another where she displays examples of her artwork. When you visit, leave comments. Zurama's blogs are well worth adding to your reader too.
The first award Zurama passed on was the Apache Award 2009. This one is for being an untiring fighter against Communism.
Next is the 31 De Marco Award which refers
to the overthrow of the left-wing socialist Brazilian government on March 31, 1964. Now this isn't advocating doing anything of the sort here, but what this refers to is taking a stand against socialism and exposing the socialist agenda of the government (which goes back around forty-years when it really gained momentum although socialist-style entitlements and policies go back much farther than that).
When one receives an award, it's customary to nominate others, so here goes.
The Apache 2009 award goes to Tom, who writes TOM'S JOURNAL. Tom is a Vietnam veteran who served our country as a doorgunner. He fought for freedom then, and he continues to the fight but in a very different way - the power of the pen. He also takes a very strong stand for being a Christian man, and makes absolutely no apologies for it regardless of the consequences. His Bible study articles are excellent. Tom also reports on what is going on in his day-to-day life, and currently he is focused on his wife who recently had some very serious surgery and is in for a very long and hard recovery. Please stop by, visit, and leave a comment of support. I know he'll appreciate it very much.
The 31 de Marco award goes to Kevin, THE BLACK SPHERE. He writes an excellent political journal that always has a humorous twist. It's always an easy read, and Kevin definitely does not blindly accept what the mainstream news media feeds the American public. Kevin also has a show on Blog Talk Radio. Be sure to stop by and comment. I think you will enjoy his writing very much.
Thank you, Zurama! I appreciate the honor very much!


Beth said...

Congrats on the awards, Dirk!

All my best,

Heli gunner Tom said...

Hi Dirk,
Thank you so much for the splendid write and kind words of support for my wife, Sharon! She is doing much better now but still hooked to a respirator in a Milwaukee hospital. She anticipates coming home about 3 weeks from now. Praise the Lord!
Be Safe, my friend.

Your Brother, and fellow Soldier,
Tom Schuckman
Jesus is Lord.