14 April 2009


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Tomorrow is the day we send a loud and clear message to Washington. The politicians have been giving lip service to tax reform long enough. They have had plenty of time to actually accomplish something. Yet, nothing. So now, a surprising solidarity among Democrats and Republicans, conservatives and liberals, people from all backgrounds, has suddenly sprung up almost overnight. We are fed up with the government's typical year after year and decade after decade of out of control spending and the accompanying taxation.

The mainstream media has of course begun their campaign to try to discredit this grassroots movement for real reform, which since "We The People" make up the "grassroots", the media is attacking YOU and ME. This shows what they REALLY think of the American people. That's OK. That just shows that this is big enough to have gotten their attention and it apparently threatens their house of cards. FOX NEWS will be giving it the attention it deserves by covering the various rallies all day.

The politicians in Washington better take notice. We're fed up, and WE VOTE!

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Heli gunner Tom said...

Hey Dirk,
It will be fun to watch! I watch Glen Beck almost every day and he is my kind of guy, who likes to take on a Goliath every week... lol. When you take on a bigger, stronger opponent, you can't lose! If you win or lose-- you are still a hero for showing your bravery and guts, IMHO. Many soldiers think that way, in my opinion. But it's nice to have big guns on your side...Ha!

Tom Schuckman

Georgia Mountain Man said...

America was taken back in November of 2008, my friend. This isn't a grassroots movement. It is a Republican billionaire financed movement run by the Republican Party and its pundits. Don't let them fool you.

Slapinions said...

Well thought out comment on Beth's blog (Nutwood Junction). I concur, and have added my own reply.