10 April 2009


Something's brewing - it's Tea Time again. April 15, 2009, the infamous tax day, is the day that we revolt again against out of control spending in Washington which will inevitably lead to more oppressive taxes. This is a revolt against taxation with inadequate representation and the overall economic trend in government. The event is being ignored by the mainstream media (of course) except for Fox News. Fox News will be covering it all day.

Even though the mainstream media is evidently wishing it would go away by not covering it, it apparently is a threat to the left. ACORN and the Huffington Post are reportedly going to attempt to infiltrate the event and try to portray this as racist or a fringe group. Here is a video clip about the sabotage attempt:

Well, they can infiltrate to their heart's content, but discredit this movement they won't. The reason is there is no national leader to discredit or crucify in the press, and it's a very broad grassroots movement. Even if these leftist groups do manage to disrupt one event, it won't cause any problem for the events across the country.

Personally, I think it's about time something like this got started. It's high time "We The People" sent a message long and loud to the politicians in Washington. We are NOT going to just lay down and take it anymore. In conjunction with these protests, we the majority need to send another message - through the ballot box. Vote OUT those members of Congress who continue to refuse to represent us. Congressional elections will be coming up. Remember what they are doing today when the time comes to vote.


Lisa said...

Awesome! Loved the song. Was not able to view the other video in this entry but will check back to see if it is working later.

Amanda said...

Thanks for the valuable information Dirk... eye opening as always!

God bless-

Carolyn said...

Hi Dirk. I think it's amazing and about time for something like this. We're having a bunch of tea parties down here, and some of our local news are paying attention. I love it because it's not just a "fringe" there are republicans and democrats coming to these because there are people from all parties who are very frustrated by the so called public servants, who are NOT serving their people at all. God bless and I hope this is so huge it can't be ignored.

natalie said...

hey Dirk
you should have heard Whoopi today!
taxes are getting too wild
Have a great holiday weekend!

Heli gunner Tom said...

We will need more than tea to stop obama and the Dims... lol.
It's like Sodom all over again and there may not be 10 righteous men...


~Zurama~ said...

Hi Dirk: There are two awards for you at my blog "Amanecer en la Habana"-

Congratulations!! :)