05 May 2009


This is a couple of years old, but still very good. I just ran across it the other day & thought I would share it with you. If the video doesn't appear or play, here's the link:


(Blogger has lost the html code for the video about five times after having saved it!)


Heli gunner Tom said...

Do you know anyone or anyway to find out who someone is who continues to send nasty comments to me that are abusive?

tom S

RIVER Organization Christian Church said...

Great video. That was really great!If you look at the American flag, the one shortly after the flag in the farmer's field (toward the end) you can see the sun shining through and forming a cross.

I agree with John Wayne!

Dawgman said...

The Duke had it absolutely right (may his soul rest in peace). Great video, Dirk. Short, sweet, and to the point! Enjoyed that much!