01 May 2009


My wife ran across this on a blog talk radio channel. She sent me a link to an article in World Net Daily, TEXAS CHILDREN ROPED INTO ISLAMIC TRAINING. I started my research, and not surprisingly, had a hard time finding anything about it. I finally came across the story on the website of ABC affiliate KTRK-TV in Houston, Texas, CULTURAL AWARENESS OR ENDORSEMENT OF RELIGION?
These articles stemmed from an incident on the last day of school of the 2007-08 school year at FRIENDSWOOD JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL in Friendswood, Texas. Then principal, Robin Lowe, invited an Islamic civil rights group, the COUNCIL ON ISLAMIC-AMERICAN RELATIONS, against school board policy and without notifying parents, to give a presentation on Islam to the students. According to the KTRK-TV article, one of the parents, Paula Henry, said, "It wasn't just a cultural presentation, because they were telling my child who they believe God is and that Jesus was just a prophet, and that is religious studies." Attendance was apparently required, and it appears this was done during a P.E. class period.
The incident was of course downplayed by Principal Lowe, and the school board was continuing to look into this issue." Many in the community were wanting Principal Lowe to be punished and/or removed. I find it interesting that this was done on the last day of school. I don't know about anyone else, but for my entire school career, there was nothing of importance ever scheduled on the last day. It was generally a field day or something like that. If this was really "cultural awareness", I think it would have been scheduled during the school year. It appears to me it was purposely done on the last day of school to avoid the backlash. Bad idea - it happened anyway.
Once again, just where IS the ACLU on this? A search of their website of course revealed nothing. Regardless of your political leanings, we ALL know that if this had been a Christian pastor giving a presentation during class time at a public school, the ACLU would have blown into town IMMEDIATELY and started their threats and lawsuits. We would have also been bombarded by the mainstream news media every way we turned over those "evil Christians" and the "Religous Right" trying to "force" their beliefs on everyone else. And how dare a public school use taxpayer dollars to endorse Christianity?? We've all heard this mess over and over again, ad nauseum. What ever happened to your "separation of church and state" stance, ACLU? Or is it because there's nothing that refers to "separation of mosque and state?"

Or is it rather no one at the ACLU cares to oppose Islam at all? It would seem that it's OK to have religious presentations in our government schools unless it's a religion that believes the Bible. ACLU, if you're going to take such a strong stance on "Separation of Church and State", then it MUST be ALL churches and ALL religions, not just the ones with which you disagree. Now THAT'S what I call TOLERANCE!

Final notes: I noticed by visiting Friendswood Junior High School's site that Robin Lowe is no longer the principal there. She is now the principal of PERSHING MIDDLE SCHOOL in Houston, Texas.

An unsourced (by me) comment on the KTRK-TV article said, "This is suddenly happening in other schools and recently approved History text books were approved in Lodi, California that had a heavy lean on Islam and very little said of other religions. There is more going on here than meets the eye." I agree.


Cathy said...

There's a hidden covert but very real "hands off Islam" approach by so many organizations that have influence in schools, I noticed an incredible rise in the number of so-called freedom fighters steering clear of anything Islamic. The ACLU is just one. You really have to be inclusive when it comes to indoctrinating kids about religion, if that IS what you're doing. And ADMIT it's what you're up to for cryin out loud! "Cultural studies" my arse. Great post.

Carolyn said...

I agree too Dirk. As with many things today, the liberals are being very hypocritical by allowing Muslim indoctrination in schools, while rasising cain every time a Christian even thinks about stepping foot in a public school. This is not the only school this has happened in either. And yes, they call it cultural awareness- but it is indoctrination. Many times the students are required to have a muslim name for the course or culture day or whatever. They are encouraged to learn verses from the Qu'ran. Try suggesting students learn verses from the Bible or taking on a Desciple's name! Yes- Islam is good in the liberal's eyes. It is us evil and bigoted Christians who are wanting a theocracy. If they'd wake up, they'd notice that in every dominant muslim country- the state and mosque is NOT separate! God Bless you and Nelishia! Have a beautiful week Dirk.

Georgia Mountain Man said...

You might want to look at this link, Dirk. This little incident took place almost a year ago. Old news and much ado about nothing.


Also, most of what you read on Worldnet Daily is only half-truth at the very most.

Heli gunner Tom said...

Hi Dirk,
I know this is the WH mindset, and the Congress has nothing but cowards who cling to their power and jobs instead of growing some manhood to stand up and voice the truth. But it all fits into the book of Matthew, chapter 24,as I recently posted.
They will meet total destruction when the Lord Jesus returns to clean their clock, and the cowards too. See: Rev. 21:8.

Tom S
Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70.

RIVER Organization Christian Church said...

What next?

Maybe the ACLU is afraid a suicide bomber will enter their office if they say anything.

Good thing for the New-media to keep us informed.

I read the news article GMM mentioned with interest and horror.

I'd believe 99% of what WorldNetDaily says and only maybe 50% of the mainstream media, though.

In Christ
Brother Cliff

Slapinions said...

It is my theory that a culture based on freedom and liberty, as our is, will not rest until that concept is proven to the nth degree. To that end the culture will blindly embrace the very people and ideas that will destroy it, just to prove their adherence to the ideal. It's moronic. Our goal should be to be saints, but not saints that got the honor via martyrdom.

Mik said...

y'know Dirk, it's funny. i got into a "debate" with my sister who is not only a lefty, but a far far off the reservation lefty. But as per usual, we make nice at the end and part in peace. I point these things out to her as examples and she can only counter bad behavior with more bad behavior. I only hope that on "Cultural Awareness" day, someone asked them their thoughts on the Bible, the ACLU, pork products and the equal rights of women...


That Baptist Ain't Right said...

WND blew this one waaay out of proportion.