14 June 2009


I wonder just how many people could say when Flag Day is if asked. I may do a poll on my FACEBOOK just to see. That probably wouldn't be very accurate as there are those that might cheat and Google it first. My opinion is that nine out of ten people couldn't tell you. It seems Americans take a whole lot for granted these days.

Take some time to think about what our flag means, and the price that has been paid for it. As always, thank a veteran.


Julie said...

We went to our flag day celebration and I was so sad to see only a couple of hundred attended. We had immigrants pouring their hearts out about what the flag meant to them after escaping their communist country. What a valuable lesson that could have been for children. For us all. It brought tears to my eyes.

Anonymous said...

My Mom always stressed the importance of flag day as well as the importance of what our flag stood for.

Happy Father's Day, Dirk. ~Mary

Slapinions said...

I just sent you a facebook 'friends' invite, just in case you didn't recognize the name.

I've always known and recognized flag day, so I assume my parents must have stressed the day to us kids. Danged if I remember them doing so tho'.