10 June 2009


. . . Zurama, who writes SUNRISE IN HAVANA, passed out some awards to bloggers this month, and my blog was once again included! This award, the Inconfidentes Prize 2009, is given in honor to the people who fight for their town, their nation, and serve as an example to others. The award is also a freedom award, for blogs promoting individuality rather than collectivity, and celebrating freedom in contrast to Socialism and Communism. [A side note here: I find it very interesting and very sad at the same time that someone from Castro's Cuba (doesn't matter if it's Fidel or whoever, the government hasn't changed) sees the trend in American government today. She isn't by herself. Many who have immigrated here from Socialist Europe and other Socialist countries are amazed that most Americans fail to see where America is headed. It's amazing to me too.] Bloggers receiving this award must defend the freedom ideals defended by TIRADENTES "until the last moment" and represent the world-wide fight against Communism, in particular the type advocated by the FORO DE SAO PAULO.
I am honored by being one of the ones granted this award. Do stop by Zurama's blog. It's an excellent read, and she includes English translations of most of her posts.
Thank you, Zurama!


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Congratulations Dirk and your right, so many people don't see what happening but our immigrants do. They came here to escape where we are going to.