03 June 2009


Here is an audio clip from an interview with then Senator Obama on WBEZ radio in Chicago, Illinois done in 2001. I'm sure you have heard accusations leveled at conservatives and/or Republicans of basically coining the phrase "redistribution of wealth" in order to attack liberals and/or Democrats.

Well, here it is from Obama's own mouth, talking about "redistribution of wealth" and "economic justice in this society". He discusses the best way to accomplish this, whether through the courts or legislation. Lest anyone be mistaken, the word "wealth" here does NOT refer to wealthy people. This refers to the taking of income from EVERYONE, and distributing it to others. In other words, if you make say $20,000 a year, and someone else makes only $17,000 a year, Obama believes that income should be taken from you and given to those earning less than you in order to achieve "economic justice." If you're working two or three jobs to make that $20,00 per year, he does not believe it's fair for you to be able to keep it all. Socialism 101. Not that he denies it anyway.


Heli gunner Tom said...

Good point again, Dirk. Why this is not apparent to "normal" Americans with only a grade school level is beyond me... lol. Now we believe that obama stole the election with the help of ACORN, and now we really know what a "community organizer" does-- corrupt the nation!

Tom S

Solitary Dancer said...

His roots are in ACORN and that's what that organization is all about.

Tom, you are right. We have a Community Organizer in the WH. Gee, the Obama supporters should be so proud as they watch him destroy our country.