06 June 2009


On this day in 1944, Allied forces invaded Omaha Beach at Normandy, France to start the liberation of France from the Nazi occupation. About 29,000 troops died during this operation. It was because of these men, and tens of thousands of others gave the ultimate sacrifice to free Europe, Africa, and the Pacific from German and Japanese occupation. If you take the time to read accounts of this war, many of the feats were superhuman to say the least. It amazes me how some of these objectives were accomplished.
Sadly, this day will come and go, and most Americans will never know its significance. Take the time today to thank a World War II veteran if you see any or know of one. Take the time to thank anyone in service to our country.


Beth said...

Considering that my Dad is a WWII veteran, I know very well the significance of this day! Thank you for honoring him and others who have served or are serving!

Mel said...

may we never forget!!!

Julie said...

Wonderful post Dirk.

Georgia Mountain Man said...

Great thought! I can't imagine what those guys went through on that day sixty years ago. It took a lot of courage to walk off an LSI or LST into the face of machine gun bullets or drop from the sky alone and into the unknown. There were a lot of screw ups, as there always are in such a big operation and thousands of brave men worked hard to get through them, survive, and take their objectives.

Heli gunner Tom said...

Thank you for remembering such important events.


natalie said...

Beautiful Dirk! thank you!
Dirk what do you think about the violence and the denial on behalf of the white supremacists at the National Holocaust Museum?
would you please comment about this and about he kidnapping of the two Korean American journalists in North Korea on my blog please?Do you think this comes becasue of theri ownership of nukes?