19 May 2010


The video speaks for itself. President Obama was delivering a speech at the annual White House Correspondents Dinner.

Interesting commentary by the president considering neither he, nor Attorney General Eric Holder, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Neopolitan, or State Department spokesman P. J. Crowley have read the Arizona bill. Sort of like legislation in Congress for the past year and a half.


Carolyn said...

Dirk, there is so much about this whole thing that is making me sick to my stomach. Really, I can't look at or hear without feeling sick! The guy running for Florida's next governor is using the same bit of soundbite for his campaign ads, and it's working pretty well.
Pile all the crap that nobody in obama's regime haven't read the bill, yet feel free to slam it down and call Arizonans and pretty much the rest of America all sorts of degrading names makes me want to hurl. The fact that obama at this moment is sitting down to a fancy state dinner with mexico's hypocrite- most likely eating much better than my family did, and spent the day with Calderone bashing America for more lax immigration laws than Mexico has, calling the new law a human rights issue, and obama slathering and bowing and agreeing that America sucks and is bigoted and is full of drug users, so therefore, the crime in Mexico is all our fault blah, blah, blah- and he does all this while cozying with Calderone- when he treats Israel's Prime Minister like a piece of something you'd wipe off your shoe-
All I can think of is WOE to those who call evil good and good evil.
Sorry Dirk, I am extremely frustrated and sick of so much hypocricy and lies. Please Lord Jesus- come soon. God Bless you Dirk. Sorry, you can remove this if you think it's too much~

Gerry said...

I want to say that Arizona supported Janet Brewer by passing the 1percent sales tax increase which will relieve some of the budget strain, but best of all I think it sent a message to the nation that many Arizonans think the Governor has been courageous and a fighter in how she has tried to fix the budget, cutting here there and everywhere and I believe that most Arizonans believe she has also done what she felt must be done to do something about illegal immigration. Today the Arizona Republic printed a My Turn from a school teacher who wrote how we would lose something if we stopped illegals from coming! I could hardly believe they would print something like that from a naive person who thinks nothing should be done about a border with the mothers and fathers of these children coming through every day because of the innocence of the little children!! It's like nothing has penetrated to this teacher. This bill is not directed toward innocent little children but the law breaking parents probably packing and ready to shoot. These are the illegals this law is directed toward and they are the ones who are hurting these innocent little children by creating an impossible situation for those trying to run the state. I don't even write responses to the Arizona Republic anymore because they are on to me. But despite having a powerful mouthpiece like the Arizona Republic the liberals are not winning in Arizona. I read where Janet Napolitano says she would have vetoed it. She also vetoed every piece of legislation crossing her desk designed to restrict abortion some way which included parental consent for 15 year olds to have an abortion. She went right down party lines on everything. To me, she does not vote sense, she votes party lines, and anybody who does that across the board is eventually going to be perceived as having a weakness by the people she serves. I am sure that Obama is realizing if she isn't that he had better step carefully in how he handles this issue, because the American people have only got so much tolerance for presiding without thinking for yourself, without reasoning. The party can't tell him how to handle immigration because they have just been ignoring it. To me the democratic party line makes no sense and I am a pro life democrat! When people start seeing that your thinking does not make sense, it can't be applied to the problems, then distrust, profound distrust begins to take the place of confidence. I think Arizonans were not even happy about Janet Napolitano being appointed homeland security because she had no toughness dealing with this issue. Not when she was governor and not now. Bullets have taught me to think about this country being invaded with illegals. That's one thing you never forget. You let violent illegals enter your country at will there is something very wrong with your thinking. You have already given into force. You cannot recognize danger when you see it. You do not listen to anybody but who agrees with you, not to unpleasant facts about gun violence. But there are too many people who are concerned and are listening and watching. It doesn't take long to discover if a president is going to think or he is going to be a puppet. We will see in the days and weeks to come and react accordingly. I cross party lines when democrats stop making sense. I did not vote for Obama on account of his attitude about legalized abortion. To me God and legalized abortion are not on the same page. And someone who cannot see the illogic of believing in the killing of the unborn is probably going to be dangerous in office and we must be very watchful in order to let out a hue and cry if he starts in the wrong direction.

DM said...


Nice work!