22 May 2010



Gerry said...

I must say this song rang a bell for me. I just got in an argument with a liberal from back east who took me to task for saying I felt uneasy in Arizona as Spanish signs began to appear everywhere and pretty soon everything was being printed in 2 languages because I knew how this came about, by the invasion for years of illegals, so how could you not feel uneasy? He scolded me saying I needed to realize America was a melting pot and I thought I bet it has been a long time since illegals invaded your territory like they have in Arizona causing older Mexican communities with cheap housing to be constantly exposed to gun fire and violent crime. Many of the younger Hispanics who have been citizens a long time spread out into communities with a majority of whites because they know illegals will feel uneasy coming there. They want less violence for their kids, too! But whites are going to have to lead the way to protest illegal immigration because the Hispanics have too many emotional ties to Mexico which our government has deepened by not doing anything about it. I am sure Calderone and other Mexican presidents have been happy to see their criminal class go north. On the west side we would see and hear about some of those guys, killers. All this sentiment about the melting pot gets to me in this case.

Heli gunner Tom said...

I am glad some Americans are finally waking up to this invasion disaster. Actually the aliens are getting pushy and arrogant up in WI !
Send 'em back to hell.

Tom S

Barbara said...

It's got the comical hook that makes number one country songs.......and a message that could be an anthem. Thanks for sharing.