18 September 2010


In late May 2010, Wellesley, Massachusetts public middle school kids were taken on a field trip to the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center.  This is a Saudi-funded "mega-mosque" operated by the Muslim American Society of Boston.  When the students arrived, they were separated according to gender and asked to join the Muslim adults in their prayer.  Several of the male students did so.

So, just where is the outcry from the liberal left? Where is the ACLU on this one?  It's the old double-standard once again.  If this school had taken the students to a Christian church, the ACLU would have been there filing one of their agenda-pushing lawsuits in about five minutes.  We would have been hearing the progressives screaming "separation of church and state" ad infinitum on all of the leftist media outlets.

Obviously, the leftist lawsuit-filing wingnuts don't apply the same standards to all religion when it comes to the mythical separation of church and state.  Maybe a "mosque" isn't a "church", and the left doesn't consider Islam a religion.


That Baptist Ain't Right said...

Dirk: Actually, the school apologized for this whole episode and they should have. It was just as wrong for the students to be allowed to participate in this as it would have been if this were a Catholic Church or a Pentecostal snake handling service. But to be fair, the story is being presented a bit differently than the way it really happened.


This was a bad move by a teacher and chaperone, but not a concerted effort by the school to indoctrinate students. The idea of the field trip was a good one, and is done for many faiths. The problem was that the kid were allowed to sit there and, being kids, were easily swayed to participate, exactly the reason why we don't allow authority figures, e.g., teachers, coaches, etc., to show any religious favoritism.

This was poor supervision, not indoctrination. The school has apologized as it should and we should not play this as a red herring.

BTW, hope you're doing well! When are we having lunch?

Nia said...

I am surprised more on this was not reported on TV and an outcry from the parents were not heard everywhere!
An applogy would not have been enough for me- however THIS is why I teach my own kids and do not leave their development to paid strangers with their own agendas.

Carolyn said...

I agree with Nia, and that's why I homeschool too. Some may not see this as indoctrination, and maybe if it were isolated it wouldn't be. The fact is that many schools are having Islam weeks, trips to mosques and even text books paint a glorious picture of Islam while either toning way down the influence of Christianity throughout History or bashing it. Not to mention in Europe where catering to the muslim students is pervasive to the point where the Holocaust is no longer taught because Muslims don't believe it happened, and the Crusades are not taught because it is offensive to muslims. Islam is no longer creeping into western society- it's stampeding. I'm not trying to put anyone down, but if they can not see the push to Islam, Sharia and the double standard where Christian/Islam is concerned- they will have a rude awakening some day. God Bless you Dirk. I sure wish more people would see these kinds of stories and pay attention.