17 September 2010


Here is a video posted by Palestinian Media Watch from PLO aka Palestinian Authority television.  It's a song, "Bracelets Replaced with Weapons, Pull the Trigger".  Put this together with a Palestinian editorial, KILLING OF ISRAELIS MUST BE TIMED JUST RIGHT, SAYS PA, and we can quickly see the negotiations taking place in which the U.S. is involved between Israel and the PLO are pointless.  What the Palestinians tell us in English, which is their desire for peace and condemning terrorist acts, and what they broadcast there are two entirely different things.  The Palestinians have refused several times Israel's offers of 100% of the land they want.  The Palestinians don't want peace, and they are interested in only one thing:  the total destruction of Israel ala Iran.

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Gradual Dazzle said...

And why is it that so many people can't seem to recognize these vile enemies as just that -- The Enemy?