02 January 2011


Here we go again with the AMERICAN COMMUNIST LIBERTIES UNION's very obvious anti-Christian agenda once again.  This time, ACLU-Tennessee actually took the time to send a letter to all 137 school districts in Tennessee warning them about having any type of Christmas celebrations.  The LETTER in short said that secular symbols of the "season" such as Santa Claus were welcome, but "holiday celebrations that focus on religious symbols can likewise result in indoctrination and the exclusion of students."  

In their PRESS RELEASE on December 7, 2010, ACLU-Tennessee's Executive Director Hedy Weinberg said the "letter reminded school officials that focusing primarily on one religious holiday amount (sic) to a school's unconstitutional endorsement of religion" despite We the People's overwhelming support (last phrase outside the quotes is me, of course!).

OK, looks like once again we're going to have to make this very simple for the ACLU leftists to be able to understand.  Christmas day, December 25th, is the day chosen to celebrate what? The New Year? Independence Day? Groundhog Day?  No.  It is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ here in the U.S. and has been a recognized Federal holiday since 1870 (SOURCE).  Side note: I wonder if it ever occurred to the ACLU that, according to their sideways reasoning, that the fact it is a FEDERAL holiday is an endorsement of one particular religion.  So, why don't they sue the Federal government? Even the ACLU knows not to bite the hand that feeds it.

Fortunately, the ALLIANCE DEFENSE FUND contacted the Tennessee school districts to correct the ACLU's lie that schools had to celebrate every holiday if they celebrated any part of Christmas at all.  

The ACLU's tactics never change.  They think if they just come in and say, "boo", we will all run and hide.  That's happened for too many years.  People are beginning to stand up to them as they did in King, North Carolina.  As I have said before, the people coming together and standing up to them whenever and wherever they show up is the only way this kind of agenda-pushing is going to be stopped.

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Gerry said...

This is an interesting entry to me because here in this HUD complex Christmas has been banished, whereas only a few years ago, the complex was being decorated with the approval of management with trees in the common areas. The Jewish symbol was demanded by a Jewish resident and was displayed, but was stolen. He protested, so the manager with I suppose direction from back east in Rhode Island banished all the significant Christmas decorations. I thought the strongest voice from back east was the one who seized the opportunity to banish Christmas, even though the Jewish resident said this was not what he asked for or wanted. I would think that indirectly the ACLU influence caused this change.