06 January 2011


Update from King, North Carolina:


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Margaret Johnson
The Christian flag is once again flying at a veterans memorial in King. More

Christian Flag Flies Again At King Veterans Memorial

New Policy Begins Monday

POSTED: 3:05 pm EST January 3, 2011

UPDATED: 3:24 pm EST January 3, 2011

For the first time since last summer, the Christian flag was once again flying on Monday at the public war memorial at Central Park that honors local veterans.

A new policy was adopted by the King City Council after a complaint over the Christian flag that formerly flew above the memorial.

A lottery held the week before Christmas determined that for 51 weeks, the Christian flag will be flown. During the week of June 6, no flag will be flown.

Under the new policy, any of 41 symbols approved by the federal Veterans Administration can be flown at the site in honor local veterans.

There were a total of 110 applications from residents requesting a flag be flown in honor of a loved one. Three of those were to have no flag flown. One was to have the atheist flag flown. 

The rest were requests to fly the Christian flag.

The Christian flag flying on Monday was requested by Jimmie Rosamond in honor of Troy Alexander, a Persian Gulf War veteran.

Civil liberties groups have said they're not entirely sold on the lottery.

Click here to view a full list of those being honored with flags.

This is the way it's done.  As I said before, the only way to put a stop to the left wingnut special interest groups pushing their agenda on the majority of      Americans.  

Again, if the ACLU, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, or some other leftist organization comes to your town, oppose them publicly through whatever media outlet is available to you, public protests, and pressure on local politicians to stand up and fight them instead of being intimidated by  threatening prohibitively expensive litigation.  Their usual modus operandi is targeting small towns and counties that has a small tax base and therefore limited funds for expensive court battles.  They don't like overwhelming public opposition because it exposes their true agenda and intent.  Anyone who opposes them quickly becomes the enemy.

One last thing.  Did you notice the sentence at the very end of the article?  "Civil liberties groups are not entirely sold on the lottery."  What their real objection here is that this was essentially a vote by the citizens of King which the ACLU, Americans for the Separation of Church and State, and similar organizations have a long history of overturning the will of the people with one single lawsuit.  Just look at the number of lawsuits they have filed against state constitutional amendments defining marriage passed by majority vote by duly elected officials, or referendums (like California) passed by majority popular vote.  These groups claim to represent us, the people, but always remain diametrically opposed the majority, We The People.

Way to go King!  Stand ready to face them down again, they may be back for round two.  If they do, keep on standing behind your local politicians encouraging them to stand up and fight.

By the way, their FACEBOOK page hit the 5,000 limit.

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Carolyn said...

"Civil liberties groups have said they're not entirely sold on the lottery."
Tough crap! The people have spoken. God Bless you Dirk for posting this. I remember when this case first came up. It's pathetic how people have allowed the ACLU and others to trample most people's rights on behalf of a few.