30 May 2011


Today will be a time for families to get together, have cookouts, maybe go boating on a nearby lake.  Many will have to go to work today as they would any other Monday.  

Originally known as Decoration Day when flags and maybe flowers were put on the graves of those who gave their lives in the defense of freedom, Memorial Day is set aside so that we may pay special tribute to our Armed Forces personnel that died on the battlefield so that we could keep on living in a country where we enjoy so much freedom that many others in other parts of the world can only dream about.

Whatever will be happening with each of you today, take a few moments to remember what this day symbolizes.  Many have fought and died to preserve our way of life.  We must not forget their families either.  Their sacrifice goes on every day as they must go through life without their loved one.

Let us also honor those who are serving, and those who have served, that are still living.  The sacrifice begins as soon as the proverbial dotted line is signed and is far greater than most of us realize. Anytime you see a veteran of a past war, or a soldier, Airman, Marine, Sailor, or someone in the Coast Guard, take a moment to thank them for their service.  It's always appreciated and is so precious little for all they do.

As I have said many times before, this is a debt we can never repay.


Jimmy's Journal said...

Good Post! Remember the troops!


Gerry said...

I just wanted to say that this is also a good time to remember many more dead, the aborted. I got two good links off your site to put into my blog entry today, one off Potluck about the Stephen Tyler--Abbie Holcomb abortion story, and one on the Larry Flynt comments on Sarah Palin's Down syndrome child, Trig. I have found some very good stories on your blog. Thanks for posting.