30 May 2011


As if the liberal left in this country doesn't have enough to occupy their time, now Ronald McDonald is being attacked.  It seems about 550 "health professionals and organizations" signed a letter which ran in six major newspapers on May 18, 2011 calling on the McDonald's Corporation to stop marketing its products to children (FOXNEWS ARTICLE and WALL STREET JOURNAL ARTICLE).

This campaign was organized by CORPORATE ACCOUNTABILITY INTERNATIONAL.  If you peruse their website, you can see right away the leftist agenda at work here.  You can read the letter HERE.

The letter made a ridiculous attempt to put the entire blame for children eating too much fast food on McDonald's.

"Obesity and disease levels among kids are rising even though parents continue to parent (emphasis mine) and, as researchers at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health conclude, kids continue to exercise at rates similar to those of two decades ago."

Notice something?  The research limited the exercise comparison to two decades ago which is 1991.  The problem with children spending more time in front of the television and video games and not exercising as in days past had already long since become a problem.  By 1991, many public schools had already eliminated physical education as a mandatory class which added to the problem.

"Parents continue to parent?"  Really?  How are these four, five, six-year-olds getting the Happy Meals then?  The last time I checked, children couldn't get ANYTHING unless THEIR PARENTS BOUGHT IT FOR THEM.  I haven't seen many eight-year-olds working at the local car dealership or bagging groceries at the grocery store.

Instead of leftists trying to dictate to free enterprise how to market their product, I have a much better solution.  It doesn't cost anything, but it does take parents growing a backbone.  Below is a time-tested item that will solve this problem entirely and has worked very well for hundreds of years.  It doesn't cost a cent, can be used anywhere, and requires no upkeep.  Here is picture of this amazing tool:
Here are the easy-to-follow instructions:  anytime your child wants another Happy Meal after just having one yesterday, use the above pictured tool.  Use of this tool also works very well if you do not want your child to have anything from McDonald's at all.   This tool also works quite well for anything else you do not wish them to have or do.   If your child cries or misbehaves after use of this tool, use the tool again as often as necessary.  It can be used many times in a very short period of time with no ill effects to your child.

There you have it.  Instead of blaming free enterprise marketing for children getting too much of something that is unhealthy for them, let's put the blame where it really belongs.  Spineless parents who won't tell their children no, and those who give in to their children just because they yell and scream for it.  When parents actually parent, there is no problem.


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