07 June 2011


The AMERICAN COMMUNIST LIBERTIES UNION and other leftist agenda-pushing groups filed a lawsuit yesterday attempting to stop Georgia's new immigration law, H. B. 87, from being enforced and going into effect July 1, 2011. (Source 1, 2, 3)

CHARA JACKSON, ACLU of Georgia's legal director, told CNN, "This law essentially turns Georgia into a police state, requiring everyone to carry their papers in order to prove that they are lawfully present in the United States, or risk being subject to lengthy detention or investigation."

I don't think so Ms. Jackson.  Here is a direct quote from H. B. 87:

" . . . during any investigation of a criminal suspect by a peace officer, when such officer has probable cause to believe that a suspect has committed a criminal violation, the officer shall be authorized to seek to verify such suspect's immigration status when the suspect is unable to provide ONE (emphasis mine) of the following: 1) A secure and verifiable document as defined in Code Section 50-36-2; 2) A VALID GEORGIA DRIVER'S LICENSE (emphasis mine); 3) A valid Georgia identification card issued by the Department of Driver Services; 4) If the entity requires proof of legal presence in the United States before issuance, ANY VALID DRIVER'S LICENSE FROM A STATE OR DISTRICT OF THE UNITED STATES (emphasis mine),  or ANY VALID IDENTIFICATION DOCUMENT (emphasis mine) issued by the United States government; 5) A document used in compliance with paragraph (2) of subsection (a) of Code Section 40-5-21 (which is a section of Georgia traffic law); 6) Other information as to the suspect's identity that is sufficient to allow the peace officer to independently identify the suspect.

Just where does it say that an immigrant has to keep their papers on them to prove they are here legally?  You're right, it doesn't.  A driver's license or state-issued ID card will do it.  

Wait a minute.  Georgia state law requires ME, born in Washington, D.C.,  to have my driver's license or other identification on me at all times when I am out and about.  It would seem that, according to Ms. Jackson's definition, we ALREADY live in a "police state."  By Jiminy, Ms. Jackson and her band of merry leftists better hurry and file a lawsuit pronto to overturn such a bigoted, discriminatory (oh, almost forgot, racist) law!  If I'm caught driving without my driver's license, guess what? I GO TO JAIL!!  Highly discriminatory. Ms. Jackson's statement is just one more example of the lies and distortions from the left in their quest to force an agenda on the American people.

These types of lawsuits are unconstitutional in and of itself.  Court rulings up to the U. S. Supreme Court were never intended to become law.  Nowhere in the Constitution will you find court rulings able to overturn laws passed by duly elected legislative officials.  Duly elected, by We The People.  Such lawsuits are intended to bypass We The People and the entire legislative process including the President and Congress.

It's time to push back once again.  As I've said many times here, the only to put a stop to these leftist groups is public opposition.  They do not like public opposition because it shows they are in the minority, not the majority as they would like you to believe. 

One small way to show your support for Georgia's We The People, go to this Facebook site, STAND WITH GEORGIA (AND AGAINST ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION), and click like, then share it on your Facebook wall.  You may also contact Georgia Governor Nathan Deal by clicking HERE and offering your support and encouragement to stand firm as the games begin. 

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