07 January 2012


We are all familiar with the ever-present leftists trying to disarm the law-abiding public under the guise of crime prevention.  Now we have a new twist:  drain cleaner control.  That's right, drain cleaner control.  Illinois State REPRESENTATIVE JACK FRANKS was responsible for getting the bill to pass.  Interesting thing, when you go on Representative Franks" website (his name is a clickable link), you will find many news stories on what he has accomplished while in office . . . except his Drano control bill.  According to the ARTICLE, posted on the CBS Chicago website, one state lawmaker claimed to not know anything about the bill.  As a matter of fact, one hardware store had difficulty finding anyone else that knew about either.  People at this hardware store had to call a number of other stores to find out anything about it.  If I were a politician responsible for this, I would not want it known either.  

This new law requires anyone purchasing drain cleaner and other caustic chemicals have to provide photo identification and sign a log.  The law was in response to an incident where drain cleaner was poured on two women resulting in them being scarred horribly.  So, any future incidents involving assaults with caustics will result in everyone on the log being interrogated by police.  Even the senior citizen who buys one can of Drano every couple of years.  How in anyone's wildest imagination could this law possibly prevent any misuse of these products?  What's next, frying pans?  



Heli gunner Tom said...

I am so embarrassed about my own state of WI getting so Liberal that I am thinking about moving South a bit, but NOT in IL !!

Tom Schuckman
Vietnam Vet, and now soldier of Christ.

Star said...

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