21 January 2012


This is a tactic we are seeing from the Democrats because it's election year.  Recycling old news.  Since Newt Gingrich has a chance at winning the Republican nomination, the Democrats are bringing up his past marital troubles.  Interestingly enough, that disqualifies Gingrich from being President, but not Bill Clinton.  One more prime example of the left wingnuts' double standard.  Excuse me, since I said something negative about a Democrat, albeit the truth, that's "hate speech."  What the Democrats are doing, "free speech".  Okay, I have it straight now.

Anyway, REPRESENTATIVE DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ (her Facebook page HERE), chairman of the DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE, is recycling old accusations.  Representative Schultz, on January 11, 2012, blamed the Tea Party movement for the shooting of Representative Gabrielle Giffords last year by nut-job Jared Lee Loughner last year.  Apparently she turned a blind eye, as the left routinely does, to the facts about Loughner that came out later.  He has no political affiliation whatsoever.  His best friend Zach Osler, said, "(Loughner) did not watch TV; he disliked the news; he didn't listen to political radio; he didn't take sides; he wasn't on the Left; he wasn't on the Right." (SOURCE: I know Wikipedia can be a flawed source, but this entry is well source and footnoted.  That's why I used it this time).  Loughner is an atheist.  Loughner's list of favorite books ranged from Mein Kampf to the Communist Manifesto.  Loughner is drawn to unorthodox political ideologies, but due to his mental problems, is not able to "reasonably sustain any of them" (SOURCE).  Loughner is a diagnosed schizophrenic (SOURCE).

Following is a video so you can hear for yourself what she said:

There's a couple of things to remember here.  The majority of the "lack of civility" she refers to have actually been liberals attending town hall meetings and Tea Party events, posing as Tea Party members.  I have posted several times in this blog documenting these leftist tactics. 

If we want to talk about a "lack of civility", let's talk about the Occupy movement and compare it with the Tea Party.  The number of Occupy arrests as of October 31, 2011 according to the DAILY KOS was approaching 3,000.  Others claim as many 5,535 as of December 12, 2011 (SOURCE).  There have been many incidents of vandalism, thefts, sexual assaults, you name it.  But, it seems all of that is OK.  Tea Party arrests? Can't find any.  
I don't think, though, you will hear Representative Wasserman-Schultz or any other leftists making such comparisons.  As we get closer to this fall's Presidential election, look for the attacks from the left to get much uglier and dirtier.


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