18 March 2012


This ruling came down last November, but this kind of left wingnut insanity needs to kept at the forefront as much as possible, especially since this is election year.

In May 2010, three students at Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, California wore American flag t-shirts on the mostly American Cinco-de-Mayo holiday.  The students were told by the assistant principal, who just so happened by sheer coincidence to be Hispanic, to turn their shirts wrong side out or take them off.  The students refused stating it would be disrespectful to the American flag.  This same assistant principal then sent the students to the office where he lectured them about Cinco-de-Mayo and that their shirts might offend Hispanic students on their day.  THEIR day???

Lawsuits were filed, and U. S. District Court Judge James Ware ruled the school could censor the U. S. flag in the name of "school safety".  Kind of sounds like the reasoning the Federal government uses to violate our Constitutional rights as a matter of routine, especially those who are not exactly enamored with the Obama administration's policies.  The judge continued that the school in no way infringed on the students' First Amendment rights.  Really?

All of this over a pseudo-Mexican holiday that actually is not a Mexican holiday.  It's not observed nationally there, and is only celebrated in some local areas.  Contrary to popular belief, it is not Mexican Independence Day.  That's in September (SOURCE).

On the next Cinco de Mayo celebration at Live Oak High School, I wonder if the took the American flag off the pole out front, under the guise of "school safety."  

This reminds me of an old saying that was coined in the '60's that I will use a little poetic license and change one word:  "Will the last American leaving California please bring the flag?"


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